Preventing Mold Growth in Virginia Beach, VA

Living in Virginia Beach, VA certainly has its charm. Take a stroll along the 3 mile stretch of boardwalk or bike along the bike path. Summer life at the beach can be enjoyed by all ages, so it is no surprise that everyone wants to come to your Virginia Beach, VA home during the summer months to enjoy all the festivities.

With extra people comes extra moisture from walks on the beach, sandy feet, wet bathing suits, and extra wet towels. With moisture comes mold growth unless you follow certain guidelines to prevent mold growth from attacking your Virginia Beach, VA home.

If you have a vacation home in Virginia Beach, VA, it can be more challenging to prevent mold because if it sits through the hot summer months with no one to check to see if the humidity is creeping up, your home will be a breeding ground for mold growth.

Preventing mold growth is all about moisture control. Without moisture, mold cannot grow. To eliminate a war on mold, you have to wage war on both the inside and the outside of your Virginia, Beach, VA home.

Outside Preventive Maintenance for Mold Growth

  1. Clear gutters free from leaves and debris and make sure the downspouts are carrying water away from your Virginia Beach, VA home.
  2. Check for cracked roofing shingles and fix is necessary so mold cannot grow.

Inside Preventive Maintenance for Mold Growth

  1. Check for standing water around your refrigerator, water tanks, washer, toilets or anyplace else water is used before leaving your home in Virginia Beach, VA for a long period of time. Drain the water from the pipes when leaving for more than a day or two.
    • A washing machine should have a 4-inch gap between the back of the washer and the wall to avoid crimping the water line.
    • A water heater’s lifespan is usually five years before it starts to leak or burst. Remove sediment by flushing your tank every six months, especially if you have hard water.
    • Toilets can back up and overflow, or water leakage can be caused by faulty supply lines or fill valve assembles. Turn off the water at the supply valve and fix immediately.
  2. Install a humidistat so that when the humidity exceeds 60 %, it will turn on your AC to draw out the moisture in the air.
  3. Declutter. Keep the air moving in all parts of your house in Virginia Beach, VA to prevent mold growth. Keep furniture away from grills and vents to keep air circulating.

Get Rid of Mold Issues in Virginia Beach, VA Homes with Mold Treatment

Because of the high humidity in Virginia Beach, VA during the summer months, you may encounter mold growth in your home. Living close to the beach can have its perks, but sometimes it can also bring a lot of friends and family members who want a place to stay at the beach for vacation. With that brings more showers, laundry, and wet bathing suits and towels lying around. All of these bring more moisture and might possibly lead to needing mold treatment to rid your Virginia Beach, VA home of any mold growth you might have.

Without the proper ventilation for your Virginia Beach, VA home or a proper exhaust fan for your bathrooms, the extra showers can draw in an enormous amount of moisture. With the extra moisture, you might notice signs of mold that might require mold treatment and some improvements to the home, so the extra moisture is taken care of. Running your air conditioner during humid weather will indeed help and so will a dehumidifier in areas that draw moisture.

Anytime you notice mold in your Virginia Beach, VA home, you should call in the experts such as a company like Envirotex who specializes in mold treatments and remediation. Sometimes you might just smell a musty odor and will need to have a mold inspection. Professionals know where to look for mold and can determine if any is hidden where you can’t see it. They have special equipment such as thermal imaging that detects and identifies your sources of moisture that is causing the mold growth in your home. Envirotex can provide mold treatment to rid all mold from your home and advise you on how to manage any moisture going forward.

During any mold treatment, your family members will be asked to leave the home in Virginia Beach, VA so that any mold spores that are stirred up during the process that can become airborne will not be inhaled by anyone. This is for your protection. These professionals wear special protective clothing to protect themselves as well.

Living close to the beach you are more prone to floods from hurricanes. This is definitely not anything you want to handle by yourself. Mold treatment for flooded homes in Virginia Beach, VA should always be left to the professionals.

Preventing Mold in Virginia Beach, VA Homes

Mold can be extremely frustrating for Virginia Beach, VA homeowners because it can lead to property damage and cause health issues for your family. Mold grows on most all surfaces including carpets, clothing, and places that you can’t even see such as inside walls and above ceiling tiles. If mold spores are not removed, these spores can spread to other areas of your Virginia Beach, VA home.

Too much moisture in your home can cause mold growth, so as a homeowner in Virginia Beach, VA you must control the level of moisture in your home. Below you will find some great tips to control the moisture that could be in your Virginia Beach, VA home and cause mold growth.

  • Use Mold Resistant Materials—Consider using mold resistant drywall and mold inhibiting paint in areas that are high moisture areas. These areas include bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and your basement.
  • Clean Roof Gutters—By keeping your roof gutters cleaned out and in working order so that the rainwater drains properly and away from your home’s foundation in Virginia Beach, VA can eliminate mold growth. Gutters that overflow can cause excess water to gather on the roof or the side of your home’s foundation.
  • Ventilate Bathrooms—As you know, bathrooms are one of the most common spots for mold because of the high level of moisture. When you take a shower, condensation forms on the walls and throughout the room. This condensation increases your risk of mold growth in your home in Virginia Beach, VA. An exhaust fan will ventilate the bathroom and should be used each time you take a shower or a hot bath which can steam up a bathroom. If you do not have an exhaust fan, you might consider installing one but until then open the bathroom door or a window to air the room out once you are finished. When you fail to do this, it can lead to mold growth on your walls and your shower stall. Sometimes it will grow in behind the walls, and you won’t be able to see it.
  • Ventilate Kitchens—A kitchen is also a high moisture area adding additional mold growth to develop. Cooking increases moisture in the air, and you need some sort of ventilation to remove this extra moisture. Always use your exhaust fan or open up a kitchen window to help prevent mold.

Always check your home for leaks and condensation on pipes. Address these issues immediately because it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to start growing inside your home in Virginia Beach, VA.

What is Black Mold in Alexandria, VA and How Do You Get Rid of It?

Any mold in Alexandria, VA homes could bring health issues for family members, especially Stachybotrys. Those Alexandria, VA family members with lung problems, compromised immune systems or just allergies to mold are more susceptible to health problems around mold. No type of mold is healthy in a home.

Stachybotrys chartarum, otherwise known as black mold is not actually black in color but rather a greenish-black color. There are over 100,000 types of mold, many of which are black and can be found in homes in Alexandria, VA. However, unless the mold is Stachybotrys, it is not “black” mold and might not even be toxic.

The black mold itself, in Alexandria, VA homes, is not what you would call poisonous. Some molds are “toxigenic” which means that they can produce toxins (specifically mycotoxins). Usually, mold only releases spores when it is disturbed in some way. Sometimes all it takes is the breeze of a closing door or the vibration of a hammer at your Alexandria, VA home. Also, black mold does not release mycotoxins all the time, and just because the spores are released, doesn’t mean the toxins do.

To properly remove black mold from homes in Alexandria, VA requires a lot of expensive equipment and expertise, so it is best to leave the job to the professionals. Any area under 3 feet by 3 feet that has been infected by mold, the EPA says a non-professional can do the job. Anything more than that can be a health risk, and if you do not know what you are doing, you can contaminate other parts of your home in Alexandria, VA.

How Professionals Perform Black Mold Removal

  • The infected area must be sealed off from the rest of the house.
  • A negative pressure environment to ensure black mold is not carried to other parts of the house.
  • A HEPA vacuum is used to remove any visible growth.
  • Any materials that cannot be disinfected and cleaned such as drywall and carpet are removed.
  • Infected materials are properly bagged and disposed of.
  • Infected areas are treated and allowed to dry.

Anytime you are dealing with black mold, the source of the moisture that is causing black mold growth at your Alexandria, VA home will need to be repaired.

What Does House Mold Have to do With Your Family and Home in Northern, VA?

Mold is a fungus found both indoors and outdoors in the Northern, VA area. Indoor house mold that actively grows will damage whatever material it lives on which can impair the structure. What’s more, house mold can cause numerous health issues in humans including allergies and infections.

House mold can cause musty odors and black, brown, green, yellow, and fuzzy growths inside homes in Northern, VA. Mold growth can be visible on walls, around windows, and in shower stalls, but it can also be hiding behind drywall, under carpets, and in attics.

The presence of excessive dampness or water will allow mold to grow in Northern, VA homes. While you will definitely want to get rid of the house mold’s appearance and damage to your home, you will also need to get rid of the source of your problem. Whatever is causing the dampness in your house such as a leaky pipe, foundation seepage, damp bathrooms, or high humidity will need to be dealt with or you will have recurring problems of house mold in your Northern, VA home.

Small amounts of house mold can be cleaned up by homeowners, but large areas require an experienced environmental company such as Envirotex. Using a company such as Envirotex will assure you that all measures of removing house mold have been performed safely so that you and your family can return to your home in Northern, VA and breath easier.

Damp indoor environments in Northern, VA tend to trigger respiratory problems such as coughs, runny nose and itchy throat, wheezing and asthma symptoms plus headaches and other symptoms for people who spend a lot of time in these spaces. Spending time in damp and moldy homes can increase the risk of bronchitis and increase chances of developing asthma and allergies.

House mold is nothing to put off for another day. Depending on the amount of mold and the dampness in your home in Northern, VA you might want to have a mold inspection done because without a thorough inspection, you cannot be sure exactly where all house mold is growing in your home.

Let the professionals at Envirotex help you with your house mold problem so you can rest assured that you have illuminated the problem and the damage for your family’s safety.

Questions to Ask in Selecting a Mold Company in Northern, VA

Undetected water damage in your Northern, VA home can lead to mold damage and serious health problems. Tackling a mold-infested home is not for the do-it-yourselfer. You can endanger the health of your family and make matters worse. In your search for a qualified, licensed mold company in Northern, VA, you might want to ask some of the following questions—

  1. Does the company consider mold to be dangerous to you and your family’s health? An experienced mold company should know the toxic nature of indoor water damage and the dangers that mold can cause to one’s health.
  2. Does the mold company test the environment? Testing before and after mold remediation will verify rather the procedure was successful.
  3. Can they provide a quote for work to be done? A mold company in Northern, VA should be able to provide a written quote for all work to be done.
  4. Can they provide references? Check all references to see if other customers were pleased with their work and if they would recommend them.
  5. Do they document their work? Mold companies should document their work with digital photos.
  6. Is the area properly contained? If not, get rid of them immediately. Proper containment should include plastic sheeting and protecting the entrance into the containment site to avoid cross-contamination. Negative HEPA-filtered air machines should be exhausted outside the home in Northern, VA.
  7. Are they insured and licensed? Never deal with a mold company in Northern, VA or any company who is not fully insured and licensed.
  8. Do the mold company’s workers wear protective clothing? All workers on the job site should be outfitted with the proper hazmat suits, safety glasses, and respirators. To prevent cross-contamination, disposable shoe covers should be worn on site.
  9. How will the mold infected material be disposed of? Any mold-contaminated materials should be bagged and disposed of immediately after removal. These items should be double bagged to avoid cross-contamination. They should never be left on site.

Envirotex is a reputable mold company who services the Northern, VA and Washington, D.C. area. They will be glad to answer any questions and concerns you have regarding the mold issues in your Northern, VA home. Their first concern is for the safety of you and your family.

How to Make a Wise Choice When Selecting a Mold Company In Gainesville, VA

Once you find signs of mold growth at your Gainesville, VA home, it is crucial to hire a professional mold company. A certified Gainesville, VA mold company understands the potential hazards of mold exposure and the proper way to rid your home of dangerous mold growth. Mold is a health risk to you and your family. It is critical that you make a wise decision for hiring the right mold company on behalf of your Gainesville, VA home.

One of the common questions homeowners ask is how to find a mold company near them. Questions to ask when interviewing mold companies in Gainesville, VA include—

1. Do you believe mold is a potential health danger?

Mold companies should understand the toxic nature of indoor water damage. They should know what the term mycotoxin is and understand the difference between a mold allergy and a toxic reaction to a poisonous matter.

2. Do you suggest testing the environment of the home?

Mold testing at your home in Gainesville, VA should be done before and after any mold removal to determine if the removal was successful. This testing should be done from an outside source other than the mold company you are hiring to remove the mold.

3. Do you document your work?

A Gainesville, VA mold company should document all work with digital photos especially the materials that need to be removed. These should be available to their customers when the work has been completed.

4. Do you contain the area?

Properly containing the area is crucial. If the mold company implies, it is not necessary, dismiss them immediately. Containment at your Gainesville, VA home should include plastic sheeting and protection at the entrance to the containment site to avoid cross-contamination. A mold company should use negative air machines which are HEPA-filtered and exhausted outside the home.

5. Are you insured?

Make sure whichever mold company in Gainesville, VA you hire are insured. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Do you require your workers to wear protective gear?

The answer should be yes. Mold companies should make sure their workers are outfitted with proper hazmat suits, respirators, and safety glasses at all times. They should also wear disposable shoe covers onsite because foot traffic is a major cause of cross-contamination.

7. How do you dispose of contaminated materials?

Waste material should be bagged and disposed of immediate after the removal. These materials should never be stored on the job. Materials should be double-bagged to avoid cross-contamination of the first bag.

8. Do you wrap your equipment?

A Gainesville, VA mold company should always contain equipment such as air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums with fresh wrap before entering your home. This avoids equipment being contaminated from a previous job and could make your conditions worse.

Any reputable mold company in Gainesville, VA should be able to answer all of these questions without hesitation. If a company tries to dismiss your concerning questions, its time to move on to another mold company for your mold issues.

Only by asking questions can you make a wise decision about selecting a mold company for your home in Gainesville, VA. Remember mold is a hazardous material and by asking certain questions, you are protecting the health of your family.

How Mold Treatment in Northern Virginia Ensures Health Safety

Mold can be either a visible intruder or can be lurking behind walls, underneath flooring and under appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine, water softener or water heater. Just a tiny leak coming from one of these appliances left unfixed can allow mold growth to infest your Northern Virginia home. Mold treatment is vital to homeowners in Northern Virginia who can either see mold growing or have smell musty odors in their home.

Health Issues Related to Mold Growth

Mold is not good for anyone, but those who have allergies and asthma are more at risk to develop mold infections in the lungs. Symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Wheezing
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritations

If household members are constantly getting sick, you should consider having a mold treatment for your home in Northern Virginia. Black toxic mold can be deadly to family members, and symptoms should never be excused for just a minor cold if you see any mold growth at your Northern Virginia home. Any type of mold should be inspected by a professional, and a proper mold treatment to rid the home or business of any mold growth should be implemented.

Work areas in Northern Virginia which have high mold exposure that might need mold treatment include:

  • Saunas and pools
  • Greenhouses
  • Flower shops
  • Antique shops

Being around mold for long periods of time can infect your health and mold treatment should be done to prevent further damage to your health.

Mold treatments should be done by a professional environment services company. These experts are equipped with the necessary equipment to do the job right and also to advise you how to prevent further mold damage to your Northern Virginia home or business. Mold treatments without preventive measures to ensure the mold from coming back are costly and can be detrimental to the health of family members or workers for businesses in Northern Virginia.

If you have signs of mold growth, call a professional mold treatment company in Northern Virginia to ensure the safety of family members and employees.

How to Avoid a Costly Mold Treatment in McLean, VA

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for mold growth in homes. Overlooking the following will end up costing you more in mold treatments in McLean, VA:

  • Failure to ignore stains or discolorations on materials such as drywall, carpet, and wood when first noticed will, no doubt, cost you more in mold treatments for damaged property at homes in McLean, VA.
  • Failure to identify where mold might be coming from will continue to cost you in excessive mold treatments until you fix the problem including leaky pipes, roofs or windows. Any overflow of water in your home in McLean, VA, if left unattended, within 48 hours can allow mold to grow within your home.
  • Failure to investigate moldy, mildew smells within your home can cause massive damage to the back side of your drywall or paneling, the underside of carpet or vinyl, the top side of ceiling tiles or your wooden studs. Any mold, musty odors should be looked into as soon as possible to avoid a mold infested home costing a significant amount in mold treatments and repairs and quite possibly unexpected doctor bills. So many times allergies or flu-like symptoms are misdiagnosed as such but actually come from being exposed to mold growth inside homes in McLean, VA.

A professional environmental services company should be called once you have any warning signs of mold growth. They will take the proper precautions in handling mold-related materials, taking samples of different materials and sending to a certified lab to identify the type of mold.

Professionals have the up-to-date tools including moisture meters, infrared cameras, and borescopes to detect the mold spore count and find hidden mold that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Once the mold is identified, a crew will come in and remove some of the moldy materials and perform certain mold treatments to other materials to rid all mold growth. Proper containment and HEPA vacuums are necessary when removing mold-related materials. Professionals are equipped with the proper clothing, gloves, and respirators and goggles to protect them from the dangers of breathing in mold spores when disturbing the mold-related materials during the treatment, removal, and cleanup.

Reducing humidity in your home in McLean, VA can easily be done by venting appliances such as clothes dryers. Always use air conditioners or dehumidifiers when needed. While bathing or showering, run your bathroom fan or open a window. When cooking, use your exhaust fan or open a window, the same when running your dishwasher or washing dishes. Paying attention to these easy things that you can control can avoid future mold treatments for your home.

Mold in Home? Mold Remediation in Prince William County, VA

Mold can be sneaky. It is a fungus that can be found inside and outside. Mold spreads and reproduces by making spores. When mold spores are released, they can be carried by air or water to new locations.  Mold thrives in moist conditions caused by floods, slow leaks, a broken pike or high humidity within your home in Prince William County, VA.

Warning Signs of Mold in Home

If you have dark spots on your ceiling, floors, or walls, this is usually a sign of mold in homes in Prince William County, VA. Musty odors and mildew are often signs that mold may be growing in your home. If members of your household have respiratory and allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, trouble breathing and wheezing can be an indicator of mold growth as well.

Challenges of Mold in Home

  • Mold can affect your family’s health and the physical structure of your home.
  • Mold and mildew grow best in warm, humid and damp conditions.
  • Mold may not be visible because it can grow under floors and in your walls.
  • It only takes two days for any wet materials to be affected by mold, yet not be visible.
  • Home remedies like bleach can cause even more problems.
  • Only a professional mold remediation company in Prince William County, VA, can identify the source and resolve the issue.

A professional mold remediation company is experienced and has been trained in mold remediation for the proper procedures to safely handle mold infestation within homes and businesses.

Principles for Mold Remediation

  • A professional mold remediation will follow safety and health precautions for themselves and occupants through a combination of practices and controls for protection from exposure.
  • A post-cleanup should be done by a professional independent environmental expert to document the project was successful.
  • Control mold before it spreads through the air by eliminating mold at the source of contamination.
  • Mold must be physically removed from the structure.
  • Moisture problems must be located and identified and corrected and controlled to prevent future contamination or recontamination.

Professional mold technicians understand the importance of a quick response in Prince William County, VA, so that mold remediation doesn’t escalate into further costs by delaying the restoration. These professionals will apply the proper techniques required to return your home to a safe environment for you and your family.