How to Control House Mold Inside your Great Falls, VA Home

Moisture control is the key to controlling house mold inside your Great Falls, VA home. By following these suggestions, you should be able to control house mold within your home.

  • Once you notice any water leaks or spills inside your Great Falls, VA home, you must act quickly. If you act quickly and dry damp areas or materials within 24–48 hours after a leak or spill, house mold will most likely not grow.
  • Roof gutters should be regularly cleaned and repaired at your Great Falls, VA home. 
  • The ground around your Great Falls, VA home must be sloped away from the house. This allows the water to drain away from the house and won’t allow water to collect around the foundation of your Great Falls, VA home.
  • Make sure your air conditioning drip pans are kept clean and drain properly.
  • Try to keep your indoor humidity low; if possible, keep the indoor humidity below 60 percent; between 30 and 50 percent is ideal. You can measure your home’s humidity with a moisture or humidity meter, an inexpensive instrument you can pick up at your local Great Falls, VA hardware store.
  • If you notice condensation or moisture collecting on your walls, windows, or pipes, wipe dry and reduce the moisture or water source. Condensation could be a sign of high humidity.

How to Reduce Humidity at your Great Falls, VA Home to Prevent House Mold

  • Vent clothes dryers and stoves to the outside to prevent moisture.
  • Use dehumidifiers or air conditioners when needed.
  • Run the bathroom fan or open a window in the room when showering or bathing.
  • Use exhaust fans or open windows whenever you cook, run the dishwasher, or do dishes by hand.

How to Prevent Condensation Inside your Great Falls, VA Home to Help Control House Mold

  • Increase ventilation or air movement. You can do this by opening doors and windows when practical. Use fans when needed.
  • Cover up cold water pipes or other cold surfaces with insulation.
  • Increase the air temperature inside your Great Falls, VA home.

Following these suggestions should help prevent house mold from growing inside your home. Any signs of house mold should be taken care of quickly so that it doesn’t spread throughout your home.

If you have any questions concerning house mold or any other environmental issues at your home in Great Falls, VA, call the professionals at Envirotex Environmental Services.