Mold Treatment for Bathrooms in Virginia Beach, VA

Mold is a frequent condition of homes in wetter climates, but some areas are prone to developing mold, even in dryer climates. Wherever there is moisture in homes in Virginia Beach, VA, mold can grow. Bathrooms tend to be the worst areas for mold growth, and without mold treatment, it can totally get out of control. Mold develops in the grout between ceramic tiles in your bathroom. This type of mold treatment can be done by spraying it down with a bleach–based cleaner and wiping it off.

Mold in bathrooms in Virginia Beach, VA homes without the proper ventilation could be behind your walls and in your ceilings. Having a professional company such as Envirotex Environmental Services come to your Virginia Beach, VA home and evaluate your situation is your best bet. Once determined, mold treatment can help you rid your home of mold. Sometimes moldy materials may need to be removed and discarded, such as drywall, depending on the amount of damage.

 An excessive amount of humidity in Virginia Beach, VA homes can breed mold growth. Newer homes often have more mold growth than older homes because they are more tightly insulated.

Mold treatment will include using specialized cleaning products to clean all moldy surfaces. If there is mold growth on your drywall or if you have any mold–related materials that cannot be adequately cleaned, these will need to be discarded and replaced.

Mold treatment should only be done by homeowners in Virginia Beach, VA who have small areas of mold. Any more than a 3×3 feet area should be left to a professional mold technician.  

With specialized equipment such as thermal imaging, mold technicians can look behind the scenes to find your problem source without demolition. The moisture source causing your mold problems will need to be remedied, or any mold treatment will only be a temporary fix.

Some molds can be hazardous to one’s health. Please don’t try to remove excessive mold; leave it to the professionals.

If you have any questions about mold issues inside your Virginia Beach, VA home, call the experts at Envirotex Environmental Services.