Why Hire an Asbestos Contractor in Washington, D.C.?

Asbestos isn’t banned in the United States, although its use is limited. However, asbestos-containing materials (ACM) may still pose a threat to older buildings in Washington, D.C., because asbestos was common in building materials in homes, schools, and other structures built before 1980. If you find yourself with an older structure, you may need to hire an asbestos contractor.

When removing asbestos from your Washington, D.C. home or business, the safest and wisest decision would be to call an asbestos contractor. An asbestos contractor knows how to test for this toxic material properly and follows strict regulations and correct procedures in removing the asbestos while using the proper equipment to keep themselves and others safe from exposure.

Not all asbestos companies in Washington, D.C. are alike. Some only specialize in asbestos abatement, while others offer environmental services, including demolition services, such as Envirotex Environmental Services. An asbestos contractor is trained in preparing the work area, decontamination procedures, safety considerations in the abatement area, proper handling and disposal of asbestos waste, and proper use of personal protective clothing and respirators.

Homeowners or business owners in Washington, D.C. should never attempt to handle any asbestos removal independently. There are just too many dangers that come from handling asbestos that you want to make sure to hire an asbestos contractor who can remove the asbestos from the building in addition to any repairs that need to be done from the removal of the asbestos, such as carpeting, tile, drywall, or insulation.

Word of mouth is usually the best way to search for an asbestos contractor. Ask friends, neighbors, or co-workers in Washington, D.C. who they would recommend and if they have used the contractor recently. It would be best to search online to check for reviews for a particular asbestos contractor you are interested in hiring. Check if they are licensed to work in Washington, D.C.

If your reason for hiring an asbestos contractor is because you are remodeling your home or business, have a plan mapped out as to what areas in your home or business will be torn out and replaced. Some asbestos can be left in place if in good condition unless you wish to have it all removed for any future remodels you may have in mind. Always get several quotes from different asbestos contractors in Washington, D.C.

If you have any questions, please call the team at Envirotex.