What Homeowners Can Expect During Mold Inspection Fairfax, VA

Mold is a fungus that thrives in moist places and reproduces airborne spores. In addition to causing major health issues, mold can also damage your home. Until you understand what mold is and how dangerous it is to one’s health, you won’t know why a mold inspection is essential for Fairfax, VA homeowners.

Homeowners in Fairfax, VA should be aware of any visual mold growth. What you see may not be all that is growing inside your home. That is where a mold inspection for homes in Fairfax, VA comes into play. Without a professional mold inspection, your home is not guaranteed . . . MOLD FREE.

When the mold inspector comes to your Fairfax, VA home, the inspector would first question you about where you see mold or suspect mold. You might not see any mold, but you’re suspicious because you have noticed a moldy smell. If that is the case, this will be the first place that your mold inspection will start. With today’s technology, mold inspections now consist of the technician using infrared imaging to find areas that contain moisture beneath the surface that allows mold growth.

If you want to determine if the mold growing in your Fairfax, VA house is toxic and dangerous to your health, other testing can be done to identify the mold. Some of these procedures are as follows—

Surface–Sampling Testing

After the visual inspection, one of these methods or all may be performed.

  • Bulk sampling takes part of a  sampled area and is sent to a special third–party laboratory for analysis.
  • Swab sampling uses a swab, like cotton wool, rubbed across certain surfaces for testing.
  • Tape may be used to remove mold from a surface and then sent off for testing.

Another method used during your mold inspection in Fairfax, VA might be air–sampling.

Air Sampling Testing

A certain amount of air is pulled through a plastic container. This material sticks to a glass slide enclosed inside the container. The samples are sent for testing at an independent lab.

The inspector should explain the results of the tests to you. The source of the mold should also be presented to you so that you can remedy the situation so that the mold won’t come back in the future. Any mold removal will only be a temporary fix without fixing the moisture source.

For all of your mold concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Envirotex. They will be glad to answer any of your questions and handle your mold inspection for your Fairfax, VA home.