Do you Need a Drug Lab Cleanup in Front Royal, VA?

If you happen to be a landlord with rental properties in Front Royal, VA, beware of drug labs that could be lurking on one of your properties. If you ever suspect that your tenants have set up a drug lab on one of your properties, the best way to handle any drug-related issues is to leave it in the hands of law enforcement. As a landlord, you have the right to inspect your rental by giving heads up that you are going to do a walkthrough. It helps to know what to look for.

Most ingredients used in making methamphetamine are not dangerous, but some are hazardous. These chemicals can include everything from acetone to cold tablets and can include—

  • Battery acid
  • Paint thinner
  • Freon

During the walkthrough of your rental property in Front Royal, VA, be aware if some of these items are stockpiled in greater amounts than most families would use normally. Some other tell-tale signs include—

  • Fittings on a propane tank that has turned blue
  • An abundant of cold pills containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine
  • Coffee filters that have a white pasty substance or shiny white crystals
  • A strong chemical odor which sometimes smells like urine
  • Frying pans or glass cookware sitting around with powdery residue
  • Bottles with rubber tubing attached
  • Other chemicals

Most of these items are usually sitting around generally in homes, but if these items are gathered together in large amounts, you might have a drug lab doing business on your property and will need to hire a drug lab cleanup professional in Front Royal, VA to clean up the mess safely.

The Virginia Department of Health Board recommends that before any assessment or drug lab cleanup can be done at the property in Front Royal, VA, law enforcement should secure the building. Manufacturing meth is extremely dangerous and causes health risks including the potential for an explosion. Once the seizure has been completed, and before the drug lab cleanup is completed, residents and others should wear protected clothing; it is best for everyone to stay clear of the area until the drug lab cleanup has been completed and it is safe to go back into the Front Royal, VA home.

Whatever you do as a landlord, do not under any circumstances try to save money and take on a drug lab cleanup on your own. Drug lab cleanups take experienced and knowledgeable professionals so that once the job is done, it is safe for new tenants to move into your rental property in Front Royal, VA.