Preventing Mold in Virginia Beach, VA Homes

Mold can be extremely frustrating for Virginia Beach, VA homeowners because it can lead to property damage and cause health issues for your family. Mold grows on most all surfaces including carpets, clothing, and places that you can’t even see such as inside walls and above ceiling tiles. If mold spores are not removed, these spores can spread to other areas of your Virginia Beach, VA home.

Too much moisture in your home can cause mold growth, so as a homeowner in Virginia Beach, VA you must control the level of moisture in your home. Below you will find some great tips to control the moisture that could be in your Virginia Beach, VA home and cause mold growth.

  • Use Mold Resistant Materials—Consider using mold resistant drywall and mold inhibiting paint in areas that are high moisture areas. These areas include bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and your basement.
  • Clean Roof Gutters—By keeping your roof gutters cleaned out and in working order so that the rainwater drains properly and away from your home’s foundation in Virginia Beach, VA can eliminate mold growth. Gutters that overflow can cause excess water to gather on the roof or the side of your home’s foundation.
  • Ventilate Bathrooms—As you know, bathrooms are one of the most common spots for mold because of the high level of moisture. When you take a shower, condensation forms on the walls and throughout the room. This condensation increases your risk of mold growth in your home in Virginia Beach, VA. An exhaust fan will ventilate the bathroom and should be used each time you take a shower or a hot bath which can steam up a bathroom. If you do not have an exhaust fan, you might consider installing one but until then open the bathroom door or a window to air the room out once you are finished. When you fail to do this, it can lead to mold growth on your walls and your shower stall. Sometimes it will grow in behind the walls, and you won’t be able to see it.
  • Ventilate Kitchens—A kitchen is also a high moisture area adding additional mold growth to develop. Cooking increases moisture in the air, and you need some sort of ventilation to remove this extra moisture. Always use your exhaust fan or open up a kitchen window to help prevent mold.

Always check your home for leaks and condensation on pipes. Address these issues immediately because it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to start growing inside your home in Virginia Beach, VA.