Avoiding Mistakes During Mold Treatment in Northern, VA

Have you noticed a musty odor inside your Northern, VA home? How about areas of your drywall? Has any of it turned black? Has the grout in your bathroom turned black? Have you had any plumbing leaks? Are any of your walls warped or bowed? Do any of your walls feel damp? Any of these signs could be mold growth inside your Northern, VA home and will require mold treatment to rid the mold colonies from your home.

Once you discover a mold problem inside your Northern, VA home, you may be impatient and try and clean it up yourself with some sort of home remedy mold treatment. Everyone wants to save money, but sometimes having a professional mold treatment to rid mold from your home is the best way to go about it.

Mold professionals such as the team at Envirotex are equipped to test your home for any mold growth, some of it you may not even be able to see, but they will find it with their specialized equipment. Once they do find the mold, they will layout a complete mold treatment plan so that your home will be mold-free once the removal has been completed.

Most homeowners make the mistake of using bleach for their mold treatment. Although it might change the color of the mold to either a clear or white shade, you have not stopped the continued growth of the mold. It will come back.

Some things that are out of your personal expertise should be left up to the professionals. A small amount of mold for the average homeowner may not impose a real problem for mold treatment. The question is . . . is there mold where you can’t see it?

Don’t make the mistake of taking on this dangerous task yourself. Envirotex will evaluate your particular situation and advise you on what all needs to be done to rid your Northern, VA home of its pesty mold growth so that it won’t come back in the future.

Call Envirotex today if you are suspicious of mold growth at your home in Northern, VA. Leave the rest up to them.