When Should Mold Testing Be Considered in Burke, VA?

As a homeowner in Burke, VA you may be wondering if that awful smell is coming from mold inside your home. You may not notice visible signs of mold or may only see a small area, so at this time, you should consider mold testing for your Burke, VA home. A mold test can reveal if you have elevated mold and exactly where it is located. Sometimes it is hidden behind your walls or under your floors. Professional mold testing uses special equipment to see where all mold is located.

Sometimes you may have a plumbing leak or other water issues and are suspicious about the elevated mold that might exist in the air or behind your walls. This should alarm you to have professional mold testing done so that it doesn’t continue to grow inside your home in Burke, VA.

There are certain health concerns with mold growth. If one of the members of your family continues to have symptoms of coughing, sneezing, or headaches, and your doctor is having a hard time pinpointing why these symptoms continue, you might consider having mold testing done to outweigh your suspicions.

Anytime you sell your Burke, VA home, if you suspect any mold because of nasty odors, you should have mold testing done, so it doesn’t come back on you later. Some homeowners in Burke, VA are just curious about the air quality in their homes. Having an air quality test would give you your answers about the environment in your home, whether it is safe or could be improved.

In as much as there are over the counter mold testing kits, they are not recommended because they only test what you can actually see. When you have professional mold testing, the technician will come into your Burke, VA home and do a visual inspection in places you might not think to look. Surface and air samples are then taken and sent off to an independent lab for analysis.

Once the report comes back, a plan to rid your home of any mold should be put into place. The team at Envirotex Environmental Services can map out a plan for mold removal. They can explain in detail the plan and how they can get your home back to being a safer and more comfortable home for you and your family in Burke, VA.