Do I Need Professional Mold Testing in Front Royal, VA?

A cursory search on whether you need professional mold testing in Front Royal, VA, can give you tons of responses. Some believe that it is not a necessary step. You can, after all, get all the information you need with a visual inspection. It could be as easy as identifying an area of infestation and removing it. 

The other side might argue that you do need professional testing. At Envirotex, we take the latter position as well. This is not because we are in the business of mold management. Rather, we know the far-reaching impact of not dealing with mold infestation.

That’s why we have written this informative article. In the end, you will know why mold is not something to take lightly. You will also understand why you need to have a professional company like Envirotex on your speed dial.

Should Mold Be a Reason for Concern?

If you go back to your science classes, you know that mold is not necessarily harmful. It is an integral part of the ecosystem. So, as long as they are outdoors, you can go on your merry way.

Now, the problem comes in when there is an infestation in the house. You will often find mold in dark, damp places. Depending on how widespread the mold infection is, the walls will not look good.

The walls could appear green, grey, or whatever color the particular mold strain has. If the spores are loose, you might end up breathing them in. Now, that is where all your problems might begin. Mold can cause serious health problems. They can also exacerbate underlying medical conditions.

Those with allergies will tend to experience flare-ups, making life very uncomfortable. Forgive us for an extended version of a response to that simple question. The answer, in a word, is YES. Mold should be a concern if you find it within the home.

Are There Different Mold Strains?

The answer is yes. There are so many different strains or types of mold that you will find both indoors and outdoors. For this particular write-up, we will concentrate on the indoor types.

There are two basic types; toxic and non-toxic. The former are the ones you need to be concerned about. You can find more than ten strains lurking within your home. They include:-

  • Acremonium assumes many different colors. These include grey, pink, white, or orange. It is highly toxic and can cause organ failure and impair brain functions.
  • Alternaria has a velvet-like texture and is usually dark green. It is allergenic and will trigger those with asthma or respiratory tract infections. 
  • Chaetomium starts as white but will eventually turn black. This strain can cause nail and skin infections and a host of other health issues.
  • Penicillin is green, yellow, or blue and is a serious allergenic. 
  • Mucor is white or grey and exacerbates underlying health conditions like asthma or respiratory issues. 
  • Fusarium is toxigenic and allergenic. Prolonged exposure is life-threatening and results in brain abscesses, bone infections, internal bleeding, and hemorrhaging.

It can be hard to know a particular strain just by looking at it. That is why you need professional mold testing in Front Royal, VA. 

Can You Carry Out a Mold Inspection on Your Own?

It’s not difficult to know when you have a mold infestation. Some signs are indicative of an infection. You will notice a spot containing a velvet, powdery or cottony substance. The colors are of a range, depending on the strain.

If you leave the mold for some time, you might notice that it starts to spread. There could also be an earthy or musty smell. The walls around the area may start to peel, crack or warp. 

Is Professional Mold Testing in Front Royal, VA, Really Necessary?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a visual inspection is enough to identify the presence of mold. In such a case, you need remediation or removal.

However, as we stated in the beginning, we do believe testing is necessary. Let us take the example of buying a new home. The seller may have covered up the mold.

If they covered up the infestation, the mold is still within. It would help to know what kind of strain you are dealing with to take the right action.

Can You Do Mold Testing On Your Own? 

It would be wrong or negligent of us not to mention that there are testing kits you can buy over the counter. Nonetheless, there are some truths you need to be aware of. The kits are not the most reliable. Many tend to report false negatives and positives.

The kits will let you know that there is mold, but they will not show you the exact location. Mold can grow almost anywhere within the home. You will find it under carpets, couches, HVAC, or leaking sinks. It is crucial to identify any area of infestation and take care of them as soon as possible. 

Allowing the experts to do the inspection and testing will work better for you. They know exactly where to look for mold. Their expertise also allows them to determine the extent of the infestation. Once you talk to Envirotex, our efficient team will collect samples for testing, thus identifying the strain present in your home. 

What Can You Expect During Mold Testing?

When we arrive at your home, the first thing we do is a visual inspection. We look at all the areas that are likely to contain mold. Google, for example, uses diagnostic thermal imaging to detect moisture sources.

Mold likes damp, dark areas. Any place within the home that provides this ideal breeding condition will come under our scrutiny. 

The second step is to collect samples from the mold-infected areas. We use different techniques, including bulk sampling, swapping or the use of tape. The process requires careful handling to avoid releasing any spores into the atmosphere. 

Once we determine that we have enough samples, we send them off to certified labs. Do note; we only deal with those that bodies like the American industrial hygiene Association recognize. Such labs have the expertise and tools to handle the work proficiently.

The labs will analyze the sample and send us their report. We base any course of action after that on the results.

What Happens If We Find Toxic Strains?

We typically recommend two causes of action, remediation or removal. There are many stages we go through. It may require demolition up some areas that have an infestation. Others are sanitization, containment, and thorough cleaning. 

The action we take will largely revolve around where the mold is growing. Let us say it is on porous material. For such cases, the only way is removal.

At Envirotex, we make sure that we remove any mold-containing material from the property. It is a delicate task that requires careful handling of such. We aim to restore your home to a safe, healthy environment without you having to stress about anything.

However, it doesn’t end there. We will come back and do another testing after the removal or remediation. The process aims to reduce the mold count to acceptable or harmless levels. As we stated, mold is present everywhere. It is, therefore, not possible to remove it completely. 

Our team will also give you invaluable advice on how to prevent a resurgence of mold. This includes taking care of any persistent moisture that gives them breeding ground.  

Call Envirotex for Professional Mold Testing In Front Royal, VA

Are you still thinking twice about whether you need professional mold testing in Front Royal, VA? Talk to Envirotex. We have been in the mold management business for a long time. We have serviced a wide range of clients over the years. The one thing we do is insist on total transparency at all times. 

Our team of qualified professionals will walk you through the mold testing process. They are also at hand to answer any questions you may have. To get a consultation, all you need to do is fill in the form on our website. 

One of our Envirotex mold experts will get in touch with you for further discussions. Do not let mold impact your health or that of a family. Please take the right and necessary steps to keep them safe today.