Principles to Follow for a Successful Mold Removal in Northern Virginia

If you already see mold in your Northern Virginia residence, there is no need to have a mold inspection. Any mold must be removed, and the source of the mold will need to be addressed also. If the mold source is not fixed, your mold will keep coming back.

A successful mold removal should follow these five principles.

  1. Safety first. Anyone involved in the removal process and the occupants of the Northern Virginia home should be protected.
  2. Assessment. A preliminary assessment should be performed both during and after the mold removal process.
  3. Controlling contamination. Cross-contamination must be prevented so the mold does not spread from the contaminated areas to other areas that do not have mold or has less contamination.
  4. Remove the source. The mold needs to be physically removed at its source.
  5. Remove the moisture. Mold needs moisture to grow. The moisture problem that caused the mold growth at your Northern Virginia home will need to be eliminated.

A Northern Virginia mold removal professional will focus on the source of where your mold is coming from. This source will need to be removed such as drywall, carpeting, etc. and replaced once the mold removal has been completed. If you have a leak causing the mold or moisture coming into your basement, you will have to have this taken care of or the mold removal will only be a temporary fix.

Once the mold has been removed, a mold removal professional from Northern Virginia will clean the air of airborne mold spores using HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) scrubbers and air exchange which replaces moldy air with clean, fresh air through ventilation or negative air controls.

Proper safety gear will be worn including a full protective suit and a high filtration face mask by the mold removal professional team. These professionals will seal off the work area so the mold spores will not disperse throughout the home in Northern Virginia. An antimicrobial chemical is used to clean mold and mold stains. Sometimes a sealer or encapsulant is used to treat areas that are more resistant to water damage and mold and to control odor.

During a mold removal, your HVAC air ducts may require professional cleaning since the air ducts can collect dust and mold spores.

It is always best to call an environmental service company for any mold removal for Northern Virginia homes.