Personal Protective Equipment for Mold Remediation in Haymarket, VA

Once mold starts to grow, it affects the smell, air quality, and in some cases the structure integrity of homes in Haymarket, VA. Moisture issues can result from leaky roofs, leaky pipes, unvented appliances and bathrooms, and outside gutters that aren’t properly installed, leading to water seeping down the side of your house. When these issues are not properly addressed, moisture can build up, and mold growth is likely to happen at homes in Haymarket, VA.

When mold is visible, or you have a musty smell inside your home in Haymarket, VA, you should call an environmental professional such as Envirotex. The professional team will come to your home, evaluate the situation, and plan for mold remediation.

Mold remediation disturbs mold, which causes mold spores to become airborne. This procedure increases respiratory exposure; therefore, professionals must use personal protective equipment when dealing with any type of mold. Be prepared to see environmental specialists suited up at your home. During any mold remediation at your Haymarket, VA home, the remediation professionals are required to wear—

Eye Protection—The use of properly fitted goggles or a full face respirator must be used during mold remediation. Goggles prevent dust and small particles from entering the eyes. Safety glasses or goggles that have open vent holes should never be used for mold remediation.

Skin Protection—To prevent contact with mold and cleaning solutions, gloves must be worn to protect the skin. Gloves should be selected according to the type of chemicals/substances that are being handled.

Protective Clothing—Disposable protective clothing is required to protect the remediation professionals from the biological and chemical hazards they encounter during the mold remediation. The protective clothing prevents the spread of mold contaminants to street clothing, eliminates skin contact with mold and chemical exposure, minimizes the cross–contamination between the mold contaminated areas and any clean areas within the home in Haymarket, VA.

If you are experiencing any mold growth or musty smells inside your home in Haymarket, VA, give the team at Envirotex a call so their professional mold specialists can set up a plan to rid your home of unwanted mold growth and advise you on what you need to do to prevent mold from coming back.