When you Might Need a Mold Inspection in Fairfax, VA

You might think that if you see mold at your home in Fairfax, VA, you already know you have a mold problem, so a mold inspection is unnecessary. Not true. You may encounter some of these scenarios when you need a mold inspection. 

  • If you do see mold growth inside your home, it may have already spread to other areas of the house, and the only sure way to find it all is with a mold inspection.
  • You may experience allergies or allergy–like symptoms in a particular area of your Fairfax, VA home. Mold exposure symptoms include asthma, allergic reactions, and other respiratory issues. In this case, you should have a mold inspection by a professional company such as Envirotex Environmental Services.
  • You may be smelling a musty odor inside your Fairfax, VA home. This indicates that your home has enough mold to cause the smell. A mold inspection specialist is sure to find mold inside your home.
  • If you have had a leakage inside your home in Fairfax, VA for more than 24 hours, such as a leaky pipe or some sort of spillage, and it has been left unattended for longer than 24 hours, most likely, mold has already set in. Some of the symptoms you may notice may be allergies, a mold smell, or black stains. Mold grows at a fast rate, so the sooner you have a mold inspection, the better off you will be.
  • Anytime a house sits unoccupied for a long time, mold will grow. Some mold can be seen with the naked eye; however, not all mold can be seen with the naked eye. Houses sitting for long periods in hot, humid weather cause high humidity levels, resulting in mold growth. A leakage could also cause mold growth because, in an unoccupied house, you aren’t for sure how long the leakage has been going on. It is best to have a mold inspection before moving into a home in Fairfax, VA that has been unoccupied for an extended period.
  • If you are considering buying a new house in Fairfax, VA, it is best to have a mold inspection because you are unsure whether there is any mold within the home. Structural damage could result from undetected mold infestation and can be a game changer when purchasing a new home. It is always a wise investment to have a mold inspection before buying any property. If mold is detected, be sure to negotiate a lower price to take care of the expense of removing all the mold from the home.

Once mold has been detected, and you have had a professional company remove any mold damage from your Fairfax, VA home, another mold inspection should be done to verify that the mold removal was done correctly.

If you have any questions about mold or other environmental issues at your home in Fairfax, VA, call the Envirotex team; they will be glad to help.