Is Black Mold Removal Necessary at your Home In Alexandria, VA?

The answer is yes, black mold removal is necessary to keep your family safe and prevent any further mold from growing. Mold removal should be done at the first signs of any black mold you see at your Alexandria, VA home.

The longer you wait for mold removal, the more the black mold will spread throughout your house if the conditions are right. Mold needs moisture to grow; therefore, in areas of your Alexandria, VA home that tend to stay damp, you might think about how to ventilate the room so that it doesn’t progress into mold growth.

The most crucial part of mold removal is locating and eliminating its water source at your home in Alexandria, VA. Without moisture, mold can’t grow.

Alexandria, VA homeowners with only small areas of black mold can attempt to remove the mold themselves. If you try it yourself, follow these directions.

  • Use an N–95 face mask to protect you from breathing in black mold spores.
  • Wear protective gloves to protect your hands.
  • Wear goggles without ventilation holes to protect your eyes.
  • Use plastic sheeting to block the mold area from the rest of your Alexandria, VA home. This will keep the spores from spreading throughout other parts of your home.
  • Items that won’t dry quickly and show signs of mold or water damage should be discarded. Porous items, including padding, carpet, drywall, and paper, soak up moisture.
  • Never paint or caulk over moldy surfaces. If you do, it will peel. You should remove the black mold and dry the surfaces before painting.
  • Scrub moldy surfaces with detergent and water; allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Any moldy items should be bagged to prevent mold spores from spreading.
  • Use HEPA filters in your furnace and air conditioner to capture mold spores that could be airborne in your Alexandria, VA home.

The safest way to keep your Alexandria, VA family safe from black mold is to call an environment company, such as Envirotex, which deals with black mold. They are equipped for mold removal and take precautions to keep you and your family safe.