How to Tell if you Need Asbestos Testing in Ashburn, VA

Asbestos has been used for years in the building industry. Because of its strength and heat-resistance, it was widely used in flooring, including vinyl tiles, insulation, popcorn ceilings, concrete, ductwork, and other products as well. Unless you have an older home in Ashburn, VA, built before the 1990s, you should be pretty safe. Asbestos only becomes a problem when you disturb it, so if you are getting ready to do any repairs or remodel your home, you should have asbestos testing done if you have an older home in Ashburn, VA and suspect asbestos-related materials.

If you tear out a popcorn ceiling or tear up vinyl flooring that contains asbestos at your home in Ashburn, VA, the dust stirred up is extremely dangerous. The microscopic fibers in asbestos are exceptionally abrasive. Once broken down, when you inhale, these fibers can cause lung-scarring illnesses and possibly lung cancer. Asbestos testing is always recommended for older Ashburn, VA homes before you go tearing out products that could contain asbestos.

Asbestos testing is necessary because asbestos cannot be seen with the naked eye. Material samples must be taken and sent to an independent laboratory to be analyzed.

Asbestos testing should be done by professionals. When they come into a home in Ashburn, VA, they know what to look for and what to test. Never do this on your own. A professional will shut all the windows, doors and turn off all fans and heating and air conditioning systems that circulate air. This will ensure still air in the work area at your home in Ashburn, VA.

Special protective gear such as face masks, gloves, coveralls, and shoe coverings will be worn by asbestos testing professionals. Once the process is over, these clothes will be discarded and disposed of properly.

Professionals know the safety procedures involved in dealing with any asbestos-related materials and take all the necessary safety precautions necessary to keep you and your family safe. Call the team at Envirotex Environmental Services for asbestos testing and other environmental issues you may be experiencing. Trust the experts at Envirotex for your family’s safety.