Asbestos Removal Should Be Handled by the Professionals in Winchester, VA

Winchester, VA is known for its historical homes and buildings. If you own or live in one of these homes or buildings in Winchester, VA, you might possibly be exposed to asbestos and will need to have it removed by an asbestos removal professional. In homes built prior to 1980, building materials were used for its insulating and fire-resistant properties. It was used in materials such as wallboard, floor and ceiling tiles, ceiling and wall plasters and some vinyl flooring backings.

As long as asbestos materials are intact and undamaged, there is no danger and usually an asbestos removal is not necessary for homes in Winchester, VA. It is difficult to identify asbestos containing materials unless they are clearly labeled. Testing for asbestos yourself is not recommended because of the dangers of releasing asbestos fibers into the air while taking samples. A licensed asbestos inspector in Winchester, VA can test materials that you suspect contain asbestos.

There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos; it is extremely dangerous. A professional asbestos removal is recommended because even a few fibers have the potential of being inhaled and can eventually cause asbestosis, mesothelioma or another cancer. At this time there is no cure for mesothelioma.

Taking Precautions Around Asbestos

  • Don’t sand, drill, or saw asbestos containing materials or use any power tools on such materials.
  • If you are planning renovations of your older Winchester, VA home, consult an asbestos removal professional.
  • Never attempt to remove asbestos spray coatings, insulation or insulation board by yourself. This requires the training and equipment available to licensed asbestos removal professionals.

Asbestos removal professionals wear disposable suits, respirators and gloves to protect themselves. The team will seal off rooms completely and doorways, ducts, and windows are sealed with plastic. HEPA filters are used to create negative air pressure to prevent the air from escaping into the rest of the house. Debris is vacuumed and cleaned from rooms and disposed of in plastic bags.

Contaminated materials can only be disposed of at approved landfills that have the capacity to deal with it. For you and your family’s safety, always hire a professional asbestos removal company to handle any asbestos issues at your home in Winchester, VA.