Get Help From an Asbestos Contractor in Washington, D.C.

An asbestos contractor in Washington, D.C. can inspect your home in Washington, D.C. for asbestos. They can take samples, access the situation and then give you a plan to rid your home of asbestos. When hiring an asbestos contractor, you need to inquire about their certifications and licenses required by your state. You can check with your state’s department of environmental protection or health for a list of accredited professionals.

What An Asbestos Contractor Can Do For Asbestos?

  • Non-contaminated movable items will be removed from the work area.
  • Plastic sheeting will be applied to walls and floors to isolate the work area from the rest of the home or basement. This is known as containment or enclosure.
  • A three-chambered decontamination unit equipped with a working shower connecting to the work area will be set up. This is known as a “decon.” Workers who wear protective clothing, such as respirators and protective suits, must use the “decon” when entering and leaving the work area.
  • A HEPA filter equipped negative air machine, known as a HEPA unit, creates negative air pressure within the containment area to keep airborne asbestos fibers from leaving the containment
  • An airless sprayer will be used to keep the asbestos containing material wet during the removal process.
  • Air sample pumps will collect air samples during the removal process.
  • Any asbestos materials being removed will be put into a sealed plastic bag.

Choosing a professional to remove asbestos is not going to be the same contractor who does home repair or remodeling. They do not have the proper certification nor employ certified workers who are equipped to work with asbestos safely. If you hire someone who is not qualified, you put your family in great danger.

Proper equipment and the expertise to do the work properly will prevent the spread of asbestos fibers throughout your home.  An asbestos contractor in Washington, D.C. is professionally trained in environmental safety to remove asbestos safely and document the complete removal for future reference should you decide to sell your home.

Mold in Home? Mold Remediation in Prince William County, VA

Mold can be sneaky. It is a fungus that can be found inside and outside. Mold spreads and reproduces by making spores. When mold spores are released, they can be carried by air or water to new locations.  Mold thrives in moist conditions caused by floods, slow leaks, a broken pike or high humidity within your home in Prince William County, VA.

Warning Signs of Mold in Home

If you have dark spots on your ceiling, floors, or walls, this is usually a sign of mold in homes in Prince William County, VA. Musty odors and mildew are often signs that mold may be growing in your home. If members of your household have respiratory and allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, trouble breathing and wheezing can be an indicator of mold growth as well.

Challenges of Mold in Home

  • Mold can affect your family’s health and the physical structure of your home.
  • Mold and mildew grow best in warm, humid and damp conditions.
  • Mold may not be visible because it can grow under floors and in your walls.
  • It only takes two days for any wet materials to be affected by mold, yet not be visible.
  • Home remedies like bleach can cause even more problems.
  • Only a professional mold remediation company in Prince William County, VA, can identify the source and resolve the issue.

A professional mold remediation company is experienced and has been trained in mold remediation for the proper procedures to safely handle mold infestation within homes and businesses.

Principles for Mold Remediation

  • A professional mold remediation will follow safety and health precautions for themselves and occupants through a combination of practices and controls for protection from exposure.
  • A post-cleanup should be done by a professional independent environmental expert to document the project was successful.
  • Control mold before it spreads through the air by eliminating mold at the source of contamination.
  • Mold must be physically removed from the structure.
  • Moisture problems must be located and identified and corrected and controlled to prevent future contamination or recontamination.

Professional mold technicians understand the importance of a quick response in Prince William County, VA, so that mold remediation doesn’t escalate into further costs by delaying the restoration. These professionals will apply the proper techniques required to return your home to a safe environment for you and your family.

The Process of Mold Inspections in Fairfax, VA

If you have humidity or condensation problems, moldy odors, roof leaks in the past or present, any plumbing leaks or any visible mold, you need to call in the professionals. Some molds cannot be seen by the human eye so having a mold inspection done at your Fairfax, VA, residence is the best way to see if indeed you have mold, the type of mold, and how much is lurking inside your home.

The process of mold inspections in Fairfax, VA may consist of:

Visual Inspection—A professional mold inspector will do a complete visual inspection of all areas of your home, locate potential water penetration, and search for any visible evidence of mold growth within the home. During an inspection in Fairfax, VA, a professional may use such devices as a moisture meter that detects moisture, a hydrometer to measure the humidity inside the home, borescopes so they can view inside sections of your walls, and laser thermometers to check surface temperatures and the operation of AC units. Digital photographs may also be taken to document your particular issues.
Samples—Sometimes mold cannot be seen visually and in that case, air samples must be taken for analysis. These samples are taken by using a pump which forces air through a collection device that catches mold spores. Surface samples are another form of mold testing taken with either a swab or tape lift when visible mold growth can be seen.
Sample Analysis—These air or surface samples are then sent to any independent lab for analysis.
Reporting—A written report of the findings, spore levels and types, and the inspector’s final conclusions and recommendations will be given to you.

After mold inspections in Fairfax, VA, the mold inspector will recommend a remediation protocol to completely remove all molds from the home. This should be done by a professional mold remediation company who has the proper tools and experience, license and certifications to properly remove the mold from your Fairfax, VA, home.

Mold inspectors will also give the homeowner recommendations to eliminate problems that are creating the mold within your home so that this issue will not be a problem in the future.

Mold Problem? How to Choose Mold Companies in Northern, VA

If you have a mold problem in your home in Northern, VA you will need to hire a mold company who can first detect what the problem is, do a thorough inspection, and then suggest a plan of action to get rid of the mold in your home. Selecting mold companies for your mold inspection should be your first step.

You should use the same process in finding a mold company in Northern, VA to do the initial inspection or the remediation just as you would in selecting a general contractor, plumber or an electrical contractor. How do you do that?

Word of Mouth

A good referral by a friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member will give you a place to start. Generally speaking, these people are not going to give you a referral that is not worthy of doing an outstanding job in their line of business.

Getting Quotes

Call some of your local mold companies and inquire over the phone about how much a mold inspection would cost. If they give you a price that includes a mandatory number of samples, that should be a RED FLAG.

Without the mold companies coming to your home in Northern, VA, it would be impossible for them to know how big a home you have, what the exact problem is in your home, or exactly how many samples they will have to collect during the inspection.

Make sure the mold companies you interview are using a separate laboratory which will be analyzing the samples collected from your home in Northern, VA.

Separate Mold Companies Who Do the Inspection and the Remediation

Hiring mold companies to do the initial inspection and the remediation could be a conflict of interest. To protect yourself, it is wise to have two separate mold companies so that the mold remediation company will not make the job larger that what it actually entails.

A certified and licensed mold inspector will assure you this doesn’t happen if he knows he will not be doing the remediation afterwards. Unless you know of mold companies that you have been referred to that do both, and they are someone without a doubt you can trust, the recommendation is that you use two separate mold companies to perform each job for your Northern, VA home.

Questions to Ask Mold Companies

  • What certifications do you have for mold inspections and/or mold remediation?
  • How many years of experience have you had performing mold inspections and/or mold remediations?
  • Can they give you a written report as to the analysis findings of the inspection and explain the results to you in layman’s terms?
  • Can they give you a written quote as to the damages and the plan of remediation? What all needs to be done to prevent further mold in your home?
  • Are they insured and can they provide you proof?
  • Is the mold inspector qualified to do a post-remedial testing?

Envirotex Environmental Service is a company who has been in the Northern, VA area since 2000. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality work at a cost effective price, keeping you and your family safe at all times above anything else.

We specialize in mold inspections, removal and remediation, asbestos abatement, and meth lab and clandestine drug lab cleanup. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you with your environmental needs.

Mold Treatment Plan for Your Haymarket, VA Home

With summer well into the season in Haymarket, VA and high humidity, you should have a mold treatment plan for your home. Mold is a fungus that breeds in moisture. If you don’t have the proper ventilation in your home, you are taking a chance of mold growth. Other things like leaky pipes that have gone unnoticed for more than 48 hours can also contribute to mold growth.

Mold thrives on moisture, and its food source are things such as wood, drywall, carpet, insulation, furniture, clothing, paper and food. When these conditions exist in your Haymarket, VA home, it can ruin the structure of your home, get into your HVAC system, put out a musty smell into the home and can cause health issues for you and your family. You should have a mold treatment plan for your home in Haymarket, VA to prevent mold from growing or rid mold if it has already started.

 Preventive Treatment for Mold Growth

A way to thwart off musty mold smells and the fuzzy, slimy fungus from growing in your home in Haymarket, VA and prevent health issues include these preventive mold treatments:

  • Invest in a dehumidifier. Run it in extremely humid conditions or in damp areas of your home.
  • Replace mildewy shower curtains or wash them often, so mildew does not grow.
  • Keep clothes and other fabrics dry and do not let them pile up next to walls.
  • Clean out air conditioning drip pans regularly, so mold doesn’t grow.
  • If you spill something, clean it up right away.
  • Repair any leaks in your plumbing, checking under kitchen and bathroom sinks and your washing machine.
  • Air out your house. Let the sunshine in.
  • When cooking or showering, open doors or windows or run an exhaust fan to get rid of the moisture in the air.
  • Install a better ventilation system in your home or repair your present one if it isn’t performing well.

Home Mold Treatment Products

  • Vinegar is a cheap mold treatment to kill mold. Clean your home with plain white vinegar from top to bottom to ward off mold. If you see mold, spray undiluted on the area, let it sit for a while and then wipe away the vinegar and mold. Repeat as needed.
  • Tree Tea Oil is a natural fungicide and can eliminate mold from your home plus the smell will fill your home with a pleasant medicinal scent. Add ten drops to a spray bottle of water and spray on the mold. Let sit and wipe it and the mold away.
  • Vodka, the cheap kind, can put your mold in a drunken stupor. Fill a spray bottle and spritz the moldy area, let it sit for a while and then wipe the mold away.

By simply taking extra precautions and having a mold treatment plan, you should be able to get a grip on mold growth in your Haymarket, VA home. Envirotex is an environmental services company serving the Northern Virginia area who is licensed and certified in for all your mold treatment needs in Haymarket, VA. If you have any questions, need a mold inspection or mold removal, give the experts at Envirotex a call.

Effective Products Used in Home Mold Removal for Alexandria, VA Homeowners

Great care should be taken by homeowners in Alexandria, VA who choose d-i-y home mold removal.  Some cleaning agents are quite toxic to use indoors so make sure you work in a well-ventilated area and by all means wear a respirator and gloves to protect yourself.

Effective Home Mold Removal Products

  • Ammonia—This cleaning agent is a good disinfectant and does a great job of killing mold on hard, non-porous surfaces such as bathroom sinks, shower doors and kitchen counters around your Alexandria, VA home. It does not kill mold on penetrating porous materials like sheetrock, particle board or ceiling tiles. Ammonia’s fumes are quite toxic, and it will also irritate the skin and eyes. It is poisonous and could cause health issues if ingested or inhaled especially in a non-ventilated area. It should never be mixed with chlorinated bleach.Combine ammonia and water, 50/50 proportions in a spray bottle. Spray the mold contaminated area and allow the solution to sit for about 5 or 10 minutes to kill mold. Then scour the mold area with a brush and wipe clean. Repeat if needed.
  • Bleach—Use on hard, non-porous surfaces to kill nearly any type of mold spores. Bleach is not effective on porous surfaces because the same moisture used to kill the mold will promote additional mold growth to the area just cleaned.Combine one cup of bleach to no less than a gallon of water and mix together thoroughly and add to a spray bottle. Apply evenly to the mold infected area or use a sponge or disposable towel and wipe the area clean. Do not rinse. Allow the bleach to disinfect the area to inhibit future mold growth in your Alexandria, VA home.

Seven Natural Products for Home Mold Removal

  • Baking Soda—A natural cleaning solution that is safe around pets and children.Mix baking soda with water at a 50/50 ratio to form a paste. Apply paste and let dry. Scrub with a brush if needed and then wipe away mold debris.
  • Vinegar—White distilled vinegar is inexpensive and is an anti-bacterial agent that is great in home mold removal.Simply spray vinegar straight onto the surface, let sit, then wipe away.
  • Borax—It deodorizes, disinfects and cleans and borax does not put off toxic fumes or It is toxic so do not ingest. It is also non-carcinogenic.Mix one cup of borax with one gallon of water, mix together well and spray or wipe on mold infected surface. Scrub with a brush if needed and then wipe. Do not rinse because borax will continue to work as a disinfectant and deodorizer. Allow to air dry and repeat if needed.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide—Non-toxic, inexpensive and produces no toxic fumes. It serves as an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial Can be used in home mold removal for porous materials such as walls and clothing.Mix two parts water with 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle or soak a disposable towel and wipe mold. Allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a brush if needed and then wipe away the mold. Allow to dry.
  •  Grapefruit Seed Extract—Similar to tea tree oil, this is natural and non-toxic in home mold removal.Add ten drops of grapefruit seed extract oil to each cup of water needed for mold removal. You can strengthen if needed for stubborn stains. Spray area and allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes or longer if needed. Wipe away mold. Do not rinse as the acid will penetrate mold growth and prevent any future mold spores from coming back.
  • Tea Tree Oil—This is a natural fungicide effective in killing black mold spores and removing mildew, and it will also fill your home in Alexandria, VA with a lovely medicinal scent. Make sure it is made from the Australian tree “melaleuca ” It is toxic if swallowed.Add ten drops of tea tree oil to a spray bottle and fill with water. Spray, let sit and wipe away the mold.

Be extremely careful when combining two or more cleaning agents together to prevent harmful accidents. Read all labels and be extremely cautious around children and pets when working with bleach and ammonia cleaners at your home in Alexandria, VA. Be safe at all times!

Depending on how much mold is infecting your Alexandria, VA home, it is advised to call a professional such as Envirotex for mold removal from your home. They are the experts in their field. Envirotex is an environmental service company licensed and certified in mold inspection, mold removal, and remediation.

Lessen Financial Risks Associated with Black Mold Removal in Gainesville, VA

Black mold, known as Stachybotrys Chartarum or Stachybotrys Astra, is a greenish-black mold that thrives in moist conditions. Homes in Gaineville, VA that have sustained water damage, have high humidity, have been exposed to flooding or have leaky pipes are at the greatest risk for black mold. Black mold releases mycotoxins which are small molecules produced by the metabolism of mold that can be dangerous to humans, animals, and plants.

Identify Black Mold

The first step in identifying black mold is to have a professional mold inspector test your home by taking samples to identify the mold. Once you know you have black mold in your Gainesville, VA home, you need to hire a professional mold removal company to remove the mold from your home immediately.

Move Out of Home Temporarily

Professional environmental companies recommend that you move out of your home temporarily once it has been confirmed that your home is infected with black mold and not return until the mold removal has been completed. Black mold can damage you and your family’s health costing you added health costs as well as the cost of removing the black mold from you Gainesville, VA home. A family member who has been exposed to black mold could develop these symptoms:

• Respiratory problems
• Mental and neurological problems
• Circulatory problems
• Vision and eye problems
• Skin problems
• Immune system problems
• Other illnesses and health problems, even death.

Do not underestimate the effect black mold can have on your family’s health. Black “toxic” mold mycotoxins are extremely deadly, so much that they have even been used in biological weapons.

Do Not Disturb Black Mold

Whatever you do, DO NOT DISTURB black mold. When you disturb black mold, it can release spores and mycotoxins into the air in your home. These can contaminate your Gainesville, VA home, and can add greater costs for the mold removal process.

Hire a Professional Mold Removal Specialist

A professional mold removal company such as Envirotex is a certified, licensed, and insured environmental services company who has been in business since 2000. Envirotex has years of experience and the necessary equipment to completely remove all “toxic” black mold from your home without allowing the spores and mycotoxins to spread to the rest of the home. Our expert teams can remove all materials containing black mold from your home safely and dispose of properly.

Don’t Wait

Once you realize you have black mold in your Gainesville, VA it is pertinent that you take steps to have a professional mold removal performed. Lessen your financial risk because the longer you wait, the more property damage you could incur and health problems could develop for your family.

Proactive Asbestos Removal in Arlington, VA Protects Homeowners Exposure

Asbestos exposure is still an issue because so many construction products contain asbestos, particularly in houses built before the 1980s. Construction items that may contain asbestos include insulation, drywall, cement, ceiling tiles and floor tiles.

If you suspect any asbestos-containing materials in your Arlington, VA home, you need to have a professional inspector to confirm the presence of asbestos. Unless an item is clearly labeled to contain asbestos, there is no way to determine that it actually does just by looking at it. You need to hire a professional inspector to collect samples. The samples will then be sent to an independent testing lab.

If the lab test confirms that you do have asbestos in your Arlington, VA home, you will then need to hire an environmental services company to properly perform an asbestos removal. This is not a do-it-yourself project. Proper asbestos removal needs to be performed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor such as Envirotex. We offer:

• Proper removal and containment
• Lawful disposal
• Asbestos sample testing performed by a certified lab

Asbestos-containing products generally do not pose a risk unless they are damaged. Once the materials are disturbed either by cutting, sawing, drilling, sanding or scraping, asbestos fibers can enter into the air and be inhaled or ingested. To ensure the safety of your family, remodeling or any demolition projects should be postponed until a proper inspection of your home in Arlington, VA is completed especially if your home was built prior to the 1980s.

The professional asbestos removal team from Envirotex is fully trained and equipped to properly remove asbestos from your home. These professionals will comply with all safety precautions such as sealing off the work area and keeping asbestos-containing materials wet to prevent asbestos dust from entering the air. The team wears proper protective clothing, respirators, and disposable gloves for their safety. To protect you and your family’s safety, you will be asked to leave your home in Arlington, VA until the asbestos removal has been completed.

Envirotex takes every safety precaution for their team and the homeowner. We recommend having your home in Arlington, VA retested for asbestos after the asbestos removal has been completed. This assures the homeowner that the job was properly completed and as documented proof in case you decide to sell your home in the future.

Envirotex—The Mold Removal Specialist in Alexandria, VA

Don’t try to be a mold specialist. Mold in your Alexandria, VA home can make you and your family sick. Mold also looks disgusting to the visible eye but what about the mold that you can’t visibly see? If you see mold inside your house, how much is growing where you can’t see it? Whenever you first see signs of any mold growth, you need to get help fast.

Mold removal should only be done by a professional company such as Envirotex. We are a trusted, licensed and insured environmental services company servicing the Northern, VA area including Alexandria, VA. Our professional mold removal specialists know what to look for and where to look inside your home to detect mold growth and the best way to remove the mold from your Alexandria, VA home.

Mold left unattended can weaken your walls, floors, and ceilings. The sooner you have this mold problem taken care of, the better.

The mold removal technician from Envirotex will not only remove the mold from your home but will assess the situation to see how any further mold growth can be prevented in the future. Knowing the how’s and why’s of mold growth in your home will determine what plan your mold removal specialist will suggest.

Suggestions for Homeowners to Reduce Mold Problems

  • Caulk around water fixtures—leaks around any shower, sinks, and bathtubs are sources for mold growth.
  • Clean out gutters—water standing in gutters that are clogged with debris can allow water to leak into your eaves and onto the exterior walls.
  • Caulk around windows—caulk around the outside of windows to prevent them from leaking during hard downpours of rain.
  • Roof leaks—if your ceiling is showing signs of leaking, check your roof, your attic or crawl space above your ceiling for leaks. When these leaks go unnoticed, mold can start to grow.
  • Crawl space under your home—make sure water is not accumulating and standing underneath your house. This can lead to mold growth and furthermore it can also damage the structure of your home.

By following these suggestions, you can prevent mold growth from occurring in your Alexandria, VA home. If you are already noticing signs of mold, call the environmental specialists at Envirotex for our mold removal services. Envirotex is a name you can trust.

Moisture Problem Leads to Home Mold Removal in Northern, VA

Before contacting the professionals about home mold removal in Northern, VA, you should first find the source of the mold to prevent it from coming back. Once you address the moisture problem, you should then have home mold removal performed by a certified, mold removal environmental specialist.

Where Does Home Mold Grow?

Mold often grows in dark areas of your home that have high humidity, typically found in attics, basements, ceilings, crawlspaces, behind drywall, in windows and under sinks.

  • Attic Mold—Mold can be found in attics coming from a leaky roof or no proper ventilation. Depending on the damage, materials may just need to be cleaned or possibly replaced. Any roof leaks, shingle flashing or ventilation issues must be fixed to prevent the mold from growing back. Then the mold would need to be removed properly by a certified mold professional. If left untreated, mold will continue to grow and can spread to other areas, contaminate stored items in the attic, and lower your property value.
  • Basement Mold—Some basements tend to be damp especially in rainy seasons. Depending on how well your basement is sealed, you may have to reseal your basement and possibly put in a drain to defer the water away from the outside of the house. If materials inside such as insulation, sheetrock, cardboard boxes, wall studs or paneling are infected, you would need to properly remove the mold by completely removing the infected material or cleaning and sealing the area with a mold inhibitor so it will not reappear.
  • Surface Mold—If you have an unfinished basement which is used for storage where there is little or no activity, mold growing is not necessarily producing airborne spores. If the surface that the mold is growing on is damp, mold spores will not become airborne as easily. Sometimes in sample testing, this does not show elevated mold spores although mold is visible. For the safety of your family you would still need to find the source of the moisture and fix the problem so that once your home mold removal is done, it will not grow back.

Not taking care of mold problems in your Northern, VA home  can cause the problem to manifest into a bigger mold problem costing you more money later and potential health problems. Envirotex, a Northern, VA Company experienced in environmental services, would be glad to help you with home mold removal. We have been servicing the environmental needs of homeowners and business in the Northern, VA area since 2000.