I would like to express my sincere appreciation for and satisfaction with the services provided and expertise shared by Mr. Daniel Freeman of Envirotex Environmental Services at my residence.

I have experienced what I believed was a leak or crack in the foundation of my home, potentially resulting to moisture build-up and mold creation in my basement.

I have reached out to Mr. Freeman for assistance, as I have done once before some time ago due to another problem that I was having in my home. Mr. Freeman was extremely responsive and receptive to listening to my problem, and he was willing to visit and inspect my home.

He was extremely flexible with the scheduling of a site visit. He promptly arrived at the scheduled time. He inspected my home, discussed with me the issues I believed I was experiencing and observing, and he offered me valuable and helpful tips for dealing with the issues facing my home. Ultimately, I was able to avoid any serious damage or defects, and Mr. Freeman’s honest and professional advise saved me much money and headaches in unnecessary expenses and not needed repair or replacement projects.

Mr. Freeman is very knowledgeable and honest, and I would definitely trust him to deal with any pertinent home issues I may have in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend him to undertake and complete any projects within the scope and expertise of his business.

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The attic looks great.

Again, thank you for your rapid response, great job and going the extra mile.


I wanted to thank you again for assisting us in the recent meth case in Strasburg.

Captain Wayne W. Sager – Investigations Division

Mr. Freeman,

I just wanted to let you know that your abatement crews have finished here, and I am very pleased with the service provided.

Your Project Manager was both professional and personable. He kept me well-informed throughout the day regarding progress on the job, and did a nice job explaining the processes and materials used for the work. In partnership with the Job Supervisor, both did an excellent job of making sure that the crew inside the containment area had everything needed to work efficiently. All of your workers were friendly, smiled, and took pains to keep the area outside of containment neat and clean. In short, you get an “A+” for your staff.

I am also happy with the work: four layers of old asbestos material have been stripped away, exposing a clean and bare subfloor upon which we can rebuild our old water-damaged kitchen. I am pleased that there are no traces remaining of the old asbestos flooring...it should be a straightforward job now for a tile crew to lay a new floor.

Thanks for getting this abatement job completed for us.

With respect and regards,

Home Owner – McLean, VA

Great customer service. Reviewed quite a few and found Daniel Freeman, Pres/CEO of Envirotex to be the most knowledgeable and professional of all. Also the most experienced! We would highly recommend this company. (He was very tolerant of all my questions about the inspection and how the treatment would be handled!)

John D. - Leesburg, VA

Daniel Freeman arrived early and started taking samples on a house that I had made an offer on. He went through the whole house to including the attic. He took the samples to the lab and in three days found positive results for asbestos.

Daniel explained to me all the details of where the asbestos was and even went into specifics of how it needed to be removed, city and county laws and EPA policy's. Although an engineer for over 40 years, I did not know all the details required for removing asbestos.

After explaining the asbestos removal details, Daniel provided me an estimate for asbestos removal, clean up and obtaining permits. I was extremely impressed with Daniel Freeman's high professional and straight forward way of doing business. Additionally, Daniel was very courteous and I really appreciated the degree of respect and deference he had for his customer (me) during our conversations.

Another item that Daniel provided to me for not cost was consultation in the removal of a decades old fuel tank. Daniel explained the details of what it could cost, and offered to refer me to one of his consultants.

Learning of the asbestos problem the probable fuel tank removal costs, my wife and I decided to forgo the house purchase. Daniel saved us tens of thousands of dollars in remediation of that old house. I highly recommend Daniel Freeman, who has been in the business for decades, to provide Environmental Services. He is not only professional, but honest and certainly polite in his dealing with customers.

Al H. - Warrenton, VA

I used Envirotex at one of my largest client properties, and was thoroughly pleased with their performance. Their service was prompt, and their analysis comprehensive. Follow up and responsiveness were also great. The president of the company personally addressed our questions. I would not hesitate to use Envirotex again.

Patrick H. - Haymarket, VA

Envirotex truly came to our rescue. With the discovery of asbestos during our current renovation project, we were faced with the possibility of a considerable delay. Envirotex's prompt response, competitive pricing and flexibility to work off hours prevented any schedule slippage.

Michael S. - Fairfax, VA

Envirotex helped alleviate the stress associated with the flooding of our basement. Although the insurance adjuster was quick to get a company in there to rip out the carpeting and drag it out into our driveway (where it remained for several days), neither the adjuster nor the carrier was concern about the ensuing mold growth that we were seeing on the drywall and ceiling tiles. If not for the professional survey, analysis and report that you furnished detailing the extent of the mold contamination, the cause thereof and the work that was required to be performed, I am certain that we would still be fighting with the insurance company. Thank you, we are very glad that we had Envirotex in our corner!

Sally R. - Alexandria, VA

What can I say... Thank you! Your team arrived on time, treated my home with respect, finished the job on time and did what you said they would do. A++

Mark J. - Arlington, VA

Thanks for your help, Daniel. Your intervention was much needed and appreciated. I will let Brock approve these as he sees fit, as you guys hammered out the agreement and scope. But I did not want the opportunity to go by and not show my appreciation. You always take care of us and you are great at rolling with the punches. Carry on, Christian soldier!

Jenkins Restorations

The job was to remove all the old rock-wool insulation and 60-years of dust, bird droppings, and dirt from the attic so that new fiber glass insulation could be installed. Dan's team of workers did a super job in cleaning the attic of all this stuff. I could find nothing remaining between the joist or in corners of the attic. It was so clean that you could have food served on the floor in the attic. They were on-time, completed the work as scheduled, and the work team was professional, organized, and experienced. Highly recommend Envirotex.

Frederick R T. - Arlington, VA