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The pros at Envirotex are Department of Health Services, OSHA, and existing regulatory agencies compliant. Envirotex now offers Methamphetamine Testing by GC/MS

FACT: Illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, ecstasy, and methcathinone are made in clandestine labs. These illegal drug labs create a number of health hazards.

FACT: Most of the drug labs reported to Public Health are making methamphetamines.

FACT: Drug busts have been made in the most unlikely of places, in neighborhoods you would never expect, middle-class neighborhoods and homes, hotels and motels, suburbia, upscale areas of your city, rural areas, even in campers and motor homes.

FACT: Envirotex cleans up Meth labs. We are Regulatory Agency Compliant.

After a drug bust, property owners, residents, and city officials are left with a hazardous clean-up mess that is costly and requires professional remediation. Envirotex can solve your problems with clandestine drug labs and their remediation, tools, standards, and alternative methods for remediation. We are specialists in dealing with and cleaning up Meth labs.

Different chemicals are used for meth. Many chemicals used are common in homes. The poor handling and disposal of these chemicals, as well as mixing incompatible compounds, can create hazards.

Hazardous chemicals can be formed while making meth and can contaminate a property. Carpeting, wallboard, ceiling tile, or fabric may absorb spilled or vaporized chemicals.

Furniture or draperies may become contaminated. Outdoor disposal sites may also require evaluation and cleanup.

After a meth lab is discovered, the local law enforcement is responsible for making arrests and seizing the lab. Evidence is removed from the site and chemical hazard consultants are brought in by law enforcement to remove containers of hazardous chemicals related to the operation of the meth lab. Officials may also screen indoor air. Law enforcement may call child protective services if children are involved.

Envirotex works with federal, state, and local agencies. We utilize sophisticated remediation technologies while relying on our experience and comprehensive understanding of current regulations.

Envirotex offers services for the management of bio, toxic, and hazardous materials including:

  • Site remediation
  • Assisting in chemical analysis
  • Assistance with identification
  • Obtaining toxic, bio and hazardous storage or consolidation
  • Assistance with required profile sheets and paperwork
  • Adhere to strict abatement protocols, standards, and procedures
  • All Bio-Hazardous waste is disposed through a federally licensed waste company

Along with cleaning up meth labs, Envirotex provides trauma site decontamination, which includes disinfecting, odor neutralization, and total removal of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids for residential, vehicle, commercial, and industrial environments.

Methamphetamine Testing by GC/MS

Envirotex Environmental Services now offers comprehensive testing capabilities to support general cleanup projects for clandestine methamphetamine drug labs.

Methamphetamine by GC/MS

Matrix Sampling Procedures

  • Bulk Samples
  • Wipe Samples
  • Vacuum Samples

Methamphetamine and Similar Clandestine Drug Testing

Methamphetamine, amphetamine, and ephedrine by GC/MS

Matrix and Sampling Procedures same as above.

*Particle Identification by Microscopy and FTIR

Visual and FTIR characterization of particles vacuumed or sampled in air for clandestine lab crystalline materials.

Note: Other testing may be required to effect a proper cleanup. Testing of chemical waste, soil and water may be required. Call Envirotex for guidance.

Clandestine Fentanyl Drug Lab Cleanup

Fentanyl Lab Testing

Unfortunately, clandestinely manufactured fentanyl has become increasingly available throughout the United States. To combat this dangerous substance and protect lives, it is important to employ Fentanyl testing services as part of a comprehensive strategy. Fentanyl testing can identify new compounds. Fentanyl is a highly potent and potentially lethal synthetic opioid that has become increasingly available throughout the United States.

Envirotex Environmental Services provides reliable Fentanyl testing services, utilizing cutting-edge technology to accurately identify new compounds while meeting the needs of law enforcement and public health professionals. Our Fentanyl testing services are designed to be fast, accurate, and cost-effective for our customers. Fentanyl testing services are a crucial tool in the fight against Fentanyl abuse and addiction. Fentanyl is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid that is much stronger than heroin, making it highly dangerous and deadly when abused. Fentanyl testing services provide accurate, reliable results for law enforcement and public health professionals to identify new compounds of this substance on the market.

With Fentanyl testing services, we can stay ahead of the game by quickly and efficiently detecting Fentanyl before it causes further harm in our communities., emerging trends, and even dangerous counterfeits to ensure that individuals are aware of the presence of this deadly opioid in their community. Fentanyl testing services provide an important tool for reducing drug-related fatalities by providing valuable information about the availability of this dangerous substance.

Envirotex has been providing testing services to insurance companies, government agencies, homeowners, and commercial businesses for over 20 years. Our experienced team is professionally trained and certified in Fentanyl testing, making us a trusted and reliable provider of Fentanyl testing services. We use advanced laboratory methods to test Fentanyl levels, ensuring accuracy and integrity.

Envirotex follows EPA suggested guidelines for its lab cleanup process

  • The removal of gross contamination (i.e. containers of chemicals, equipment and apparatus that could be used to make illegal drugs, etc.)
  • The remediation of interior structures and surrounding soil, surface waters, and groundwater.