Facts About Mold Commonly Found In Northern Virginia Homes

Everyone in the Northern Virginia area knows they do not want mold to grow in their homes but many don't know much more about mold in general. Mold is a type of fungus that is vital to the process of decomposition of organic material such as leaves, wood and plants. This means that even though we do not appreciate a mold infestation in our Woodbridge VA homes, mold does serve a purpose in the grand scheme of life.

Mold spores have hair-like bodies that are too small for us to see without the proper equipment, and in fact, in in mold colonies, it is nearly invisible to the human eye. However, when mold does become apparent in homes in the Northern Virginia area, that means the mold spores have spread to significant levels. These patches of mold growth often appear as black or green, and in some situations, it may even appear as pink or purple splotches. No matter what color the mold spores are, mold remediation and mold removal is likely necessary in your Arlington VA home.

Unknown to most people in the Northern Virginia region, molds are divided into three types or groups based on the typical human responses. These categories are allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. Each of these types of mold triggers a different response in humans, as is suggested by the category names. Allergenic molds typically do not lead to life-threatening health dangers, but are likely to cause cold-like symptoms in allergy sufferers.

Pathogenic molds typically lead to some type of infection in some people and can lead to serious health problems in people with compromised immune systems. This is one reason why it is vital for mold remediation and mold removal services are so important, especially for those with health concerns.

Mycotoxins are the mold spores that are commonly known as black mold, which have toxic effects ranging short-term nasal and throat irritations to possibly cancer in extreme circumstances. When you suspect black mold is present in your Northern Virginia home, contact the mold removal specialists at Envirotex today.

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