Asbestos Removal Contracts Aid Historic Preservation

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The airborne release of microscopic asbestos fibers leaves everyone nearby at risk. The failure to safely remove asbestos from any structure poses a continuous health threat. If you own, manage, or are purchasing a property with historic designation, or located in a historic district in Virginia or Washington, DC, look to the experts at Envirotex for lead abatement, asbestos removal, and other environmental services.

Restoring, preserving and rehabilitating historic properties poses significant environmental challenges, especially if discovered after your project begins. Even minor historic restoration can exceed budgeting. Proactive property owners appreciate this risk, understand the law, and recognize the benefits of including asbestos removal in their scope of work.

Envirotex assures your project complies with applicable environmental regulations so you can complete construction without liability or delay. Our qualified, highly-trained environmental professionals safely eliminate all risk of friable, airborne asbestos. Results of Envirotex environmental testing give you scientific documentation for any situation involving insurance, medical or legal issues.

The, EPA, the National Park Service and various private foundations including the Mt. Vernon Ladies association, operate historically significant properties nationwide These associations and government agencies are responsible for overseeing lead paint abatement and asbestos removal. Both require meticulous care to protect historic features and finishes. Envirotex has experience with these properties, including president George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon, that require far more knowledge and skill than ordinary construction.

Avoid unplanned, costly and time-consuming asbestos removal and eliminate potential EPA violations. Contact the environmental experts at Envirotex to ensure your historic property remains beautiful and environmentally safe for decades to come.

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