How to Find the Source, Before Mold Removal in Winchester, VA

Anytime you find mold in your Winchester, VA home, you will first need to address the source of the problem. Where is it coming from and why? If you do not first find the source and remedy the problem, most likely the mold will return. This needs to be done before your start the mold removal at your home in Winchester, VA.

Common sources of mold growth problems:

  • Leaky plumbing coming from your bathroom or kitchen that goes unnoticed can cause mold growth along with wood decay. If too much damage, you could be looking at structural repair in addition to the mold removal.
  • High indoor humidity can cause mold growth on the interior facing surfaces of exterior walls. This can be caused by inadequate ventilation. Always make sure you open a window or run fans during showers, cooking, or running the dishwasher. This helps to eliminate moisture from accumulating on the walls and other surfaces.
  • Damp clothes left to lay for a long period of time can allow mold to grow on the clothes as well as other surfaces that the moisture from the wet clothes releases into the home. Hanging clothes to dry inside your house creates a build up moisture unless the room is well ventilated.
  • Damp basements often have higher amounts of moisture or humidity than other rooms because they are usually not well ventilated. A basement in Winchester, VA is usually colder causing condensation which leads to dampness and humidity.

If you are noticing signs of mold growth, and once you have found the source of the problem, you will need to have a professional mold removal company come into your home in Winchester, VA and do the rest. A mold removal company in Winchester, VA can address the problem and map out a plan they need to follow to rid your home of any mold.

Mold removal should never be done by the homeowner. A mold removal company is experienced and certified along with equipped to do the job right and keep your safety as their first priority at your home in Winchester, VA.

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