Commercial and Residential Heating Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation

Video Transcript

It’s said that “rust never sleeps”, and if you have an oil tank buried on your property, the day is inevitably coming when it starts to leak as a result of rust, and has to be removed.

Back in October, 2020, Envirotex was called upon to do exactly that for a commercial client in Sterling, Virginia. The storage tank on the property had begun leaking heating oil, which then leached into the soil surrounding the tank, contaminating it.

This is a big project that required the attention of nine different experts, but it’s an issue that Envirotex is well versed in. Our company already had all the permits required to complete the job, which in this case, took two days to complete. Requirements vary from locale to locale, but in this case, in addition to removing the tank itself, we had to dig down a total of fifteen feet to remove all of the contaminated soil so that there were no lingering potential health hazards on the property.

Although this job was done for a commercial client, we do similar work for residential property owners too, so if you start seeing signs of an oil leak on your property, including soil staining, the sudden appearance of oil slicks, strong, petroleum-based odors, or puddles, don’t delay as it represents a significant health hazard for your family. Call the experts at Envirotex today!

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