Is Mold Causing Problems in Your Sterling, VA Home? Know What to Look For

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Areas in Sterling, VA Homes That Are Susceptible to Mold Growth

In recent years, many people have become sensitive to the idea of having mold in their Sterling, VA homes, particularly if the mold is dangerous to those living there. Many who suffer from seasonal allergies know the trouble ragweed, dust, pet dander and grass cause, but how many people stop and think about the problems mold could be causing as well?

When breathing mold spores, it is common for people to suffer from a runny nose, sneezing attacks, red eyes and in some cases a skin rash known as dermatitis – much like the symptoms of an allergy attack. Asthma sufferers also are more prone to asthmatic attacks when exposed to mold spores.

The worst possible type of mold, regardless if you suffer from allergies or not, is mold known as black mold. Black mold is a concentration of toxic mycotoxins, typically found in damp, warm, indoor areas in homes throughout Sterling, VA which has been linked to central nervous system damage and some forms of cancer.

Naturally occurring in the outdoors, mold spores are an organic material that is fed by moisture, but since this is the outdoors we’re talking about, this not typically a problem for humans. Mold spores are too tiny to see with the naked eye, and when the wind blows, they are carried away and are typically unnoticed. However, when indoors, the concentration of mold spores can become too high in the ambient air, and this is when trouble occurs for the homeowner, family members, and guests.

Houses that have flooded at some point are typically subject to mold growth somewhere, but even those that have not can be perfect for mold. Areas in your Sterling, VA home where water is present, such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, are usually the first place mold will appear; but anywhere with poor ventilation – such as a crawlspace or the attic – is susceptible to mold growth.

If mold is visible in your Sterling VA home, there is no need for testing – it is obviously there. The Environmental Protection Agency does not have established parameters for mold or mold spores so sampling cannot be used to determine compliance with federal mold standards. Homeowners that suspect mold may be causing an allergic reaction, or even of its presence, should contact a professional mold remediation specialist to find out whether mold removal would be appropriate. The experts at Envirotex Environmental Services provide top-of-the-line mold and moisture inspections, mold identification services and mold remediation services throughout the entire Northern Virginia area, including Sterling, VA.

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