Friable vs. Non-Friable Asbestos Found in Reston, VA: What's the Difference?

Asbestos Testing in Burke, VA

Once a popular component in building materials due to its insulating properties and tensile strength, asbestos is now recognized for its potentially harmful health effects if found in your Reston, VA home. When disturbed, asbestos-containing materials can release asbestos fibers into the air where they can be inhaled and potentially lead to such problems as respiratory illness to cancer. Once released, asbestos fibers are light enough to hang suspended in the air for days.

Envirotex is a licensed asbestos testing and removal contractor. We offer:

  • All asbestos testing performed by an independent, certified lab to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • A technically advanced staff of environmental professionals with building science, construction and environmental inspection fields of speciality.
  • Environmental services for indoor air quality and asbestos testing in Reston, VA.

Asbestos-containing materials can be classified by two terms that describe how easily they may release asbestos fibers when disturbed. Friable asbestos-containing materials contain more than one percent asbestos by weight or area and can be crumbled or powdered by hand pressure. Therefore, if a friable asbestos-containing material is disturbed, it presents a high inhalation risk as fibers are more easily released into the air. Friable asbestos-containing materials can include thermal insulation or fireproofing materials.

In comparison, non-friable asbestos-containing materials are those that contain more than one percent asbestos and in which asbestos fibers are bound or locked so that the fibers are not readily released. Non-friable materials present a risk for fiber release when they are subject to significant abrasions, such as sanding or cutting with electric tools. Non-friable materials can include floor and ceiling tiles, as well as asbestos cement products.

Just because an asbestos-containing material is presently classified as non-friable does not mean it cannot become friable. Materials age and wear and in that process, can break down and release asbestos fibers, making them friable.

For more information on asbestos and asbestos testing in Reston, VA contact a professionally licensed team, Envirotex Environmental Services. Serving Washington, D.C. and Reston, VA, Envirotex Environmental Services specializes in mold and asbestos inspections and solutions, as well as air quality testing. Envirotex Environmental Services serves residential and commercial clients with asbestos testing in such communities as Reston, VA.

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