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Mold growth in your home is a serious problem, but mold treatment in Virginia Beach, VA doesn’t have to be. The big problem is, it’s not something you want to tackle on your own because proper removal can be hazardous to your health, requiring specialized equipment and a unique set of skills that not many do it yourselfers have.

Envirotex is an accomplished, licensed environmental services contractor delivering mold treatment in Virginia Beach, VA We offer:

  • Comprehensive mold treatment in Virginia Beach, VA for home and business owners.
  • Envirotex licenses and certifications include: Asbestos Inspector license, Class A Commonwealth of Virginia contractor's license, EPA accreditation and OSHA certification.
  • The environmental professionals at Envirotex have state-of-the-art equipment, industry training, field experience and the required resources to safely and effectively perform mold treatment at your home or workplace.

Unfortunately, by the time you see visible signs of mold in your home, the problem has already become quite advanced, because mold colonies never establish themselves in plain sight. They always start in those dark corners of your home that you seldom see, and in many cases, can’t even venture into.

Mold only needs two things to thrive: Darkness and dampness. Unfortunately, those conditions are present in a surprising number of places inside your home. If your house has a crawlspace beneath it, that’s a perfect location for mold to establish itself. As are the ducts inside your home. The darkest, dampest corners of your basement. Your home’s attic. The spaces between the studs behind your drywall, and so on.

We’re the mold treatment specialists in Virginia Beach, VA. A locally owned and operated company, we’ve been in business since the year 2000 and have made a name for ourselves by way of our expert handling of all manner of hazardous materials, including lead-based paint, asbestos, and of course, mold.

How Our Service Works

Our mold treatment service in Virginia Beach, VA is systematic and methodical, and can be broken into the following discrete steps:

  1. Testing – First and foremost, we’ll test for and confirm the presence of mold inside your home. We’ve worked hard to embrace all the latest technology, and our new testing paradigm includes thermal imaging, which enables us to peer into the walls of your home to see what might lie behind them. Specifically, we’re looking for moisture differences, which are strong indications that mold is likely to be present in the areas where we find higher moisture concentrations.
  2. Isolation – If we confirm the presence of mold in your home, our next step will be to cordon off the area so that as we proceed to remove it, there’s no chance that mold spores will spread to other areas as we get it out of your hours.
  3. Removal – The heart and soul of our mold treatment service in Virginia Beach, VA, this is exactly what it sounds like. We’ll deploy chemical agents to kill the mold and remove any and all materials that the mold has spread to.
  4. Disposal – Once we’ve removed everything, we’ll dispose of it at a center that’s properly licensed to handle it. If testing is required for any reason, we’ll make sure to share the results with you when we get them back.

Finally, if there are additional steps that need to be taken to address the root causes, we’ll be sure to outline exactly what those steps are. For example, if you’ve got a pipe that’s dripping water behind one of your walls, unless that’s fixed, the problem is only going to crop up again in the future.

In a similar vein, if the root cause of the mold problem is an excess of moisture in your home, then the way to be sure you’re not bothered by a mold infestation in the future is to install a whole-home dehumidification system, which will pull the excess water out of your home, keeping the humidity level under control.

Over the course of time, we’ve found that taking a methodical approach like this virtually eliminates the possibility that the mold colony will be able to reestablish itself in your home. We pride ourselves on the fact that once we do the job for you, barring some change in your home that resets the conditions for mold growth, you won’t have to avail yourself of our mold treatment service in Virginia Beach, VA again.

Why It Matters

While it’s true that there are a number of perfectly benign species of mold, many are or can be genuine health hazards. That’s especially true if you or a member of your family suffers from some type of upper respiratory condition like asthma or COPD, as these make the person who has them much more susceptible to the impacts of mold spores.

Other Services We Provide

We’re more than just the mold treatment specialists in Virginia Beach, VA, and we mentioned some of the other services we provide in passing above. We’ll go into them in a bit more detail here.

Lead Paint Removal

Most people are aware of the dangers lead-based paint can pose, especially to the elderly and to small children. While it’s true that sellers are legally required to disclose the presence of lead-based paint, they can only disclose what they know about. It’s entirely possible then if you’ve purchased an older home, that there’s lead paint somewhere in or on the home, or in one of the outbuildings on the property.

If you suspect this might be the case, our process for removal is functionally similar to the one we described above when we talked about our mold treatment service in Virginia Beach, VA. We’ll test, isolate, remove and properly dispose of it, along with anything that has become contaminated by its presence.


This is a big category, and very important because although asbestos is a well-known health hazard, sellers are under no legal obligation to tell you if there’s asbestos present in the home.

To make matters worse, between the early 1920s up through the late 1970s, builders used asbestos in a variety of different ways when constructing homes. You can find it on roof tiles, in insulation, as home siding, and in some cases, as floor tiles.

It’s not hard to understand why it was such a popular material. Back then, they didn’t understand the dangers the material posed, and it had a lot to recommend it, including the fact that it was inexpensive, low-maintenance, easily replaced if a piece got cracked or broken, easy to paint over, and an excellent insulating material.

Unfortunately, studies later proved the dangers asbestos poses, and ever since, all across the country, people have been hard at work trying to get all the asbestos out of their homes, businesses and office buildings. It’s a daunting, Herculean task that’s ongoing to this very day.

The good news is that unless the asbestos material in question is crumbling apart, it poses little immediate danger to your family. That’s not to say you want to leave it where it is indefinitely, but it’s also not something that should make you pack up and move. It can be dealt with, just like any other hazardous material.

Depending on where the asbestos is located, different strategies can be employed to deal with the situation. While it’s true that asbestos siding can be entombed and sided over, there are hard limits to how many times you can re-side your home before you’ve got to pull everything down and start fresh.

In a similar vein, if you have asbestos roofing tiles, a good short term solution is to entomb it and roof over it, but as before, you can’t just re-roof over exiting materials an infinite number of times. At some point, it’s all got to come down so you can start fresh.

Where insulation is concerned, the best and most viable approach is simple removal and replacement. Flooring tiles are quite the opposite, however. In the case of flooring tiles, perhaps the best approach is to entomb them beneath a layer of concrete, then put the new flooring of your choice atop that.

In all of the cases we mentioned above, it’s never a good idea to try and tackle these hazardous materials by yourself. They can easily make you sick, or even kill you, and there’s simply no need to take the risk.

The bottom line is, if you even suspect the presence of some type of hazardous material in your home, there’s just one number to call. Call us today. We can’t wait for the opportunity to exceed your expectations and help make your home the safe haven it should be.

About Envriotex Environmental Services

Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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