Thermal Imaging is a New Advancement for Mold Testing in Washington, DC

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Thermal Imaging Saves Time During Mold Testing in Washington, DC

Mold testing has always been a tough and involved procedure in Washington, DC. In any given case there could be many different types of mold that are in the area and mold is also very hard to track down. Generally, if there is a little bit of mold on your wall, then the chances are good that there is even more hidden from you inside of the wall. Because of the rapid growth of mold in Washington, DC, it has always been tricky to pinpoint exactly how bad any given case may be.

Envirotex is a certified mold testing and removal contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Damage prevention for your home and furnishings and elimination of potential health issues by adequately controlling indoor air moisture and eliminating mold growth
  • Comprehensive environmental site analysis
  • All mold testing in Washington, DC performed by an independent, certified lab

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Thermal imaging technology

However, we now have access to a new technology which is thermal imaging. With thermal imaging mold testing in Washington, DC is easier than ever before. We can now use the thermal imaging technology to discover just how bad any given situation might be instantly.

Thermal imaging allows us to rapidly detect sources of moisture that would support the growth of mold. Using this knowledge, we can develop an exact idea of where the mold is and discover conditions that will promote further mold colonization. This allows us to better protect your home in the future as we know exactly where mold is likely to grow. This is a Washington, DC mold testing technique that goes above and beyond even just discovering the existing mold.

How it works

The way that the thermal imaging camera works is via an infrared camera diagnostic system. This allows our crew at Envirotex to instantly detect any source of energy deficiencies or destructive water damage. This also includes all existing structural issues which could contribute to the mold problem. Together, the information allows us to make an informed decision during the mold testing which can help us save you dollars on your repairs and make your home a much safer place to live in.

The camera does a lot of the work for us in Washington, DC such as giving us a sample of the building in a diagnostic test as well as identifying mold and other problems. Since it is thermal imaging technology, it can also detect any HVAC or plumbing problems which could be leading towards mold growth. Often the cause for mold in the first place is due to a broken pipe or HVAC conduit that is not working as it should be and therefore causing areas that promote rapid mold growth. Once we see exactly where these areas are in your Washington, DC home, our thorough mold testing team will be able to the plan an effective strategy for combating them.

Special cases

Even though the thermal imaging camera allows us to perform mold testings which are comprehensive and nondestructive all in seconds of the time it previously took, it is still important to run some sample analyses afterwards. What the thermal imaging camera does for us is shows us exactly where the problem is initially. After this is done, we will take samples of the mold in your Washington, DC home and have it tested at our certified lab. This will give us a clear idea of what exactly the mold compounds in your home are made up of. There are hundreds of different types of mold and each of them should be dealt with in slightly different ways. Depending on which type of mold is growing in your home, it may adjust our mold remediation plan.

This part of our mold testing is extremely important as it will set the tone for the rest of your mold removal in Washington, DC. Thankfully due to the thermal imaging cameras, we can now quickly get a feel of the moisture levels in your home as well as which sections are higher than normal. Instead of having to tear all of your cabinets up, we can instead do a quick thermal review of your entire Washington, DC property and perform our thorough mold testing in a sliver of the time it used to take.

We are extremely thankful for the thermal imaging technology and what it allows us to do during your Washington, DC mold testing. The information that we gain from our thermal imaging technology allows us to set up a plan for your Washington, DC home.

How we use this information to protect you

Knowledge from the thermal imaging camera tells us everything we need to know about the mold in your home. After the thermal imaging is complete as well as samples of the area have been taken the mold testing is complete. At this time, we will work together with you to plan an appointment for the mold removal in your Washington, DC property. You do not want to put off the mold removal as it is an important part of the procedure. The longer that you continue to live in a home which has mold in it the more you are putting yourself and your family in an unhealthy situation.

Let Envirotex take care of the problem for you. Our mold removal crew is excellent at performing complete mold removals in a follow-up to the mold testing in your Washington, DC home. Our mold removal team will completely clear out the entire area and they can even remove the mold that is found inside of the walls for you. Once we are through with the entire mold removal, you can once again live in your home happily knowing that you are safe.

If you think you need a mold testing for your Washington, DC home, then you don't want to hesitate. Instead, call us as soon as you get a chance and set up an appointment for your mold testing. The mold testing does not take long and it will give us a clear look at how bad the problem is in your Washington, DC home. Once we know what all is going on, we can work together with you to make a plan of action in which we can perform the mold removal at a time that is convenient for you. We care about our Washington, DC customers and we will do everything we can to make sure that you and your family are safe.

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