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Mold Testing in Reston, VA

Testing for mold in your Northern VA home if the first step to a healthy home environment.

Envirotex, based in Northern Virginia has answers for all homeowners, facing issues of mold in their homes. When mold is suspected in a Northern Virginia home, onsite inspection is a ne-cessity to determine the extent and nature of the mold. Envirotex professional testing includes moisture probing and humidity readings to determine the level and origin of moisture damage present. And then air and surface sampling for mold determine the type and concentration of mold present. This is followed by a full written report with findings, conclusions and remediation guidelines to restore a home or business correctly.

After a few weeks into a new home in Northern Virginia, a homeowner spots a wet spot in the basement and some black marks and dust around the seam of the sink in the bathroom and on tiles around the tub. Home owners needs to determine what this means. Is it really mold? Do I need mold testing? Who will know? How to know? Where to go? What to do?

Time and again, Envirotex experts come to the rescue of the Northern Virginia homeowners struggling with these questions. Envirotex trained, certified mold experts, based in Northern Virginia, provide homeowners with answers by effectively testing, identifying and recommending mold treatments. Proper mold testing with definitive results can ease the stress caused by the presumed presence and identification of mold. Northern Virginia homeowners find peace of mind with Envirotex staff that provide the best way to test and identify, prevent and eliminate molds.

In Northern Virginia, the professionally-trained mold technicians at Envirotex safely and efficient-ly collect material and air samples for definitive mold testing and scientific identification. In the event a home is invaded by a more dangerous form of mold that produces mycotoxins, which cause severe allergic reactions, a professional mold inspection is timely and a necessity.

Envirotex performs exacting mold testings in many homes in Northern Virginia each year, along with scientific identification, and comprehensive remediation for homeowners and businesses. Licensed, insured, accredited, and highly-trained, the reliable mold testing professionals at Envirotex bring Northern Virginia homes or workplaces back to health.

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