Mold Testing your Great Falls, VA Home or Business

Mold Testing in Leesburg, VA

In many cases, it is important to sample and analyze suspect mold growth to discover what kind of mold is contaminating your building materials. Some mold types that may be found in homes or businesses located in Great Falls, VA and are common to our environment will grow on surfaces due to high relative humidity alone. Other types of mold grow due to high moisture saturation or repeated exposure to moisture. Of course, basements located in any area including Great Falls, VA will provide ample surfaces and materials for mold to grow given the environment is conducive to promoting its ability to "bloom."

Envirotex is a certified mold testing and removal contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Damage prevention for your home and furnishings and elimination of potential health issues by adequately controlling indoor air moisture and eliminating mold growth
  • Comprehensive environmental site analysis
  • All mold testing in Great Falls, VA performed by an independent, certified lab

We know that most mold types can be an allergen or irritant to many people, especially those who have a pre-existing sensitivity or immune system sensitivity. These mold types are abundant in nature and are dominate in ambient air such as Cladosporium.

Then again, mold types such as Stachybotrys are classified as a Mycotoxin meaning they can cause health problems or side effects due to prolonged exposure or exposure in high concentration.

A surface sample taken by a swab, tape slide, or by bulk sampling can be microscopically analyzed (called microanalysis) to determine the mold type. This is one of the ways the professionals at Envirotex Environmental Services can detect mold in homes or businesses located throughout Northern Virginia and Great Falls, VA.

A routine Mold / Moisture Inspection may necessitate having such a test performed to determine mold types.

Air Quality Test Services - The Comparative Spore Count

"The indoor and outdoor results are compared to indicate if there is an abnormal difference between indoor vs. outdoor."

Likewise, air tests are performed by collecting a known volume of airborne particulate through a special cartridge which contains a pre-treated slide. The air is pumped at a known rate which passes over this slide depositing mold spores resident in the rooms being tested. Samples are taken inside the subject areas and outside as well to gain a reference to compare types of molds (Qualitative) and concentration (Quantitative) mold levels. The indoor and outdoor results are compared to indicate if there is an abnormal difference between indoor vs. outdoor. There are no standards for these results, but a relative differential used to evaluate contaminated air quality or typical air quality. These services are available as part of a Mold / Moisture inspection and help us determine if you have a serious problem with your home or business or perhaps none.

Serving Leesburg, VA, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia for over 16 years, the Envirotex Environmental Services' team of licensed and experienced professionals have completed hundreds of mold and asbestos inspections and solutions throughout communities including Great Falls, VA.

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About Envriotex Environmental Services

Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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