Do I Need Professional Mold Testing in Arlington, VA?

Mold Testing in Arlington, VA

Mold is unappealing to the eyes and can cause more harm than one might imagine. It can lead to adverse health effects on the home dwellers, and it can also cause severe home damage. Several pointers can alert you of the presence of mold in your home. Such indicators include:

  • Stale smells
  • Never-ending allergies
  • Coughs and colds
  • Condensation on walls and floors
  • Discolored spots or spores on furniture and other surfaces
  • Tainted carpets
  • Stained tiles
  • Chronic illnesses like asthma, among others.

Envirotex is a certified mold testing and removal contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Damage prevention for your home and furnishings and elimination of potential health issues by adequately controlling indoor air moisture and eliminating mold growth
  • Comprehensive environmental site analysis
  • All mold testing in Arlington, VA performed by an independent, certified lab

Perhaps you have not noticed any of the above signs in your home. So you might be content that you’re not a victim of mold invasion. But if you’re asking yourself, ‘do I need professional mold testing in Arlington, VA?’ Well, you need mold testing to ensure that your environment is free from these hazardous substances.

You can best ensure that your home is safe from toxic elements is through a professional mold inspection, followed by testing. Professionals like the Envirotex are highly skilled to spot out any sign of mold, including those you could not have thought of. They also detect what type of mold it is.

At Envirotex, all these processes are made possible because we have all the necessary tools to test and get rid of this terrible infestation from your residence.

Do I Need Professional Mold Testing in Arlington, VA? Find Out Why

Most people assume they do not need mold testing because they might think they are not victims of the infestation. Some may neglect the common mold indicators. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clearly states that mold can show up on any surface in the home. The surfaces include carpets, wood, paper, and food. It may appear in different forms, and this is why you may fail to detect it in your home. Usually, how mold appears will differ based on:

  • The surface it appears on
  • Its category or species

However, they mostly appear in green, purple, blue, orange, white, or black colors. When mold exists in your home, it releases some tiny spores that hang around the environment. When these spores are left untreated, mold collections can multiply, causing severe health impacts for your family and irreversible structural damage in your home.

We learn from Environmental Protection Agency that molds don’t usually cause any big issues indoors. The issue starts when mold spores interact with damp surfaces and grow from there. EPA continues to state that mold can cause intense health issues. The toxic substances release allergens. These are elements that can trigger irritants and cause allergic reactions. When you inhale or touch mold or the spores, it may cause quick reactions, especially to sensitive individuals. The allergic reactions include symptoms like:

  • Constant sneezing
  • Red eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Skin rashes

Sensitivities to mold tend to be more common. The response can be instantaneous or delayed depending on how sensitive one could be. Molds also lead to asthma attacks in different people. It may either cause asthma to those who didn’t have it before or worsen the situation of those who already have asthma disease.

Remember that asthma is a longstanding lung disease that causes the narrowing and inflammation of the airways, hence making it hard for one to breathe. Worse still, the severe disease cases can lead to problems with talking and failure to maintain an active lifestyle. Besides, mold exposure can cause irritations of the lungs, skin, eyes, nose, and throat. The irritations can happen both to allergic and non-allergic individuals.

So, no one can say that they are safe or immune to these attacks. There’s more research ongoing about mold and its health effects. Thus, we might know even more information in the future about the full range of effects of mold. So, as you keep questioning yourself, ‘do I need professional mold testing in Arlington, VA?’ Please get to know that if you’ve seen the signs, it is imperative.

The professionals at Envirotex are available at any time to test and detect any traces of mold in your house. Once you call us in, we can pinpoint mold issues and help you avoid severe health complications for you and your family. Note that the presence of mold in your residence can also influence your investment significantly. You might be forced to incur extra costs to treat ailments you could have avoided and repair your home.

Do I Need Professional Mold Testing in Arlington, VA? Importance of Working with Professionals

To keep your health and investment safe by preventing mold exposure, you have Envirotex mold specialists ready to test the air quality in your home. We use high-tech mold equipment, which includes an air pump. After collecting the air sample, we straightaway send it to the analytic lab for proficient results. If the sampling results indicate any mold presence, we can also swab that part of your house by hand. We then advance the process by sending it to our laboratory partners for further analysis.

Once the result is out, our friendly and comprehensive team won’t just give you the complex report full of unclear records and numbers. Instead, we will guide you step by step and ensure that you comprehend the results. Our professionals will give you honest input without taking advantage to exploit you through the situation. This is one reason why our clients trust our job and expertise. If you want to sell or purchase a home, it helps to know that these tests are also essential. It will help safeguard both the buyer and the seller during real estate dealings.

Other reasons why you need to work with professionals include:

  1. Professional mold testing helps prevent adverse symptoms. It’s now evident that the symptoms of mold exposure can be grave. This is mainly for the case of black mold. Nonetheless, the spores produced from all mold types can make anyone sick. Those with compromised immune systems are even at higher risk of mold spore effects once exposed. However, once you involve professionals in mold testing, you can prevent the effects of mold spores and keep your family safe. No one wants to fall victim to serious health effects like asthma complications or neurological defects.
  2. Professionals can intervene by conducting a thorough cleaning. Whenever you detect mold in your home, the first thought may be to scrub it off from the surface you find it on. However, this won’t solve the main problem. By doing this, you get to spread the mold spores further. So, in most cases, you’ll find that the mold will reappear. On the other hand, when you call in professionals, they ensure that they destroy the mold and its spores, preventing its recurrence.
  3. They are skillful in detecting and removing mold. Even though you can identify the mold on your bathroom walls or other surfaces, you can never know the magnitude of the problem unless you’re skilled in the field. Thus, when you don’t know how mold grows, you can only tackle the external problem, yet the mold could be more widespread than what you can see. So, when you call the Envirotex experts, they know precisely where to find the spores. This enables them to check everywhere they may suspect to ensure that your home is mold-free.
  4. They help better your indoor air quality. Professional mold testers have the right equipment and competence to ensure that they get rid of all mold traces from your home. When no mold spore traces contaminate your home’s atmosphere, the air quality increases. This will attract a healthier surrounding in your home, and your family will breathe clean and fresh air.
  5. Professionals save your effort and time. One thing about skilled mold companies is that they will conduct all the necessary work. Why struggle to handle a problem that you are neither well-equipped nor skillful to tackle? We have all the tools needed to spot, test, and destroy mold quickly anytime you call us into your residence. Therefore, if mold has spread to a certain extent, the professionals can stop the spores from spreading further than they could have. In short, they immediately put to a stop the problem from worsening.

Talk to Envirotex Mold Experts Now

You don’t have to continue asking yourself the question, ‘do I need professional mold testing in Arlington, VA?’ If your residence shows any sign of mold growth, or you want to ensure that the air you breathe every day is safe, talk to Envirotex experts now.

We offer:

  • Thorough mold removal and containment
  • Detailed site decontamination
  • Comprehensive testing using a certified lab

We use high-tech thermal imaging that enables us to conduct detailed, widespread, non-destructive inspections within the shortest time. Founded in the Northern Virginia area over 20 years ago, Envirotex Environmental Services was instituted on military service.

Over the two decades, our total dedication and hard work have enabled us to secure different contracts, including various government projects. Trust our experienced professionals to apply modern thermal imaging technologies to identify and remediate mold. Thus, they can restore the healthiness of your home’s surroundings.

Please start by filling out the contact form on our website to request an estimate. That way, we will get back to you with detailed information and discuss further how we can help you.

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Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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