The Best Way to Remove Mold in Gainesville, VA

Mold Removal in Burke, VA

One of the things that raises red flags about potential hazards at a home inspection before a sale is the presence of mold. To ensure the integrity of your home value and protect the health of your family, know the best way to remove mold in Gainesville, VA.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a certified, licensed professional for mold removal in Gainesville, VA:

  • Mold is dangerous, can be toxic and unhealthy. Hiring professional mold removal experts to remove an extensive mold outbreak from your home - and take the necessary steps to prevent it in the future - is the best decision. Why expose anyone to additional dangers associated with mold spores?
  • The highly-trained, certified professionals at Envirotex have state-of-the-art equipment, technical skills, and cutting-edge techniques to successfully complete mold removal in Gainesville, VA.

Why Water Damage Leads to Mold

Water damage comes from many sources: roof leaks, basement floods, bathroom drips, clogged drains, and burst pipes. These and other water-drenched events (even a liquid spill on your carpet) can lead to environmental conditions that are a perfect mold breeding ground.

That's why the US Environmental Protection Agency strongly recommends hiring a professional mold remediation company with mold certification to conduct a thorough inspection for mold. If you suspect a mold issue in your home do not delay.

Remediate Conditions That Nourish Mold Growth

Mold may be secreted in tiny nooks and crannies such as the underside of your dry wall, wallpaper, or wood or vinyl paneling. It also thrives on ceiling tiles, and underneath carpets, pads, and rugs. Other hidden mold spots include areas inside walls near pipes (leaking or condensing pipes), wall surfaces behind furniture, in HVAC ductwork, and roof materials above ceiling tiles (following roof leaks or insufficient insulation).

Dry any wet areas promptly. Facilitate open ventilation with fans, and lower humidity with dehumidifiers. Time exposure to dampness and moisture can make the difference between a blossoming mold colony and a nice, clean carpet. Eliminate situations immediately where water or other liquid leaks may occur with frequency.

How to Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is affected by a variety of variables. The primary drivers of air quality are moisture in the air, or humidity, and ventilation, or unrestricted air flow. Optimizing both is a job for qualified professionals. Envirotex can conduct mold testing and indoor air quality analysis to assess the condition of your environment and determine which specific remedies will best remove obstacles to better air quality. Once these conditions are remediated, mold growth will be prevented as long as those environmental conditions are monitored and maintained. This is especially important for people with respiratory ailments, allergies, and anyone with a compromised immune system.

Have a Certified, Licensed, and Insured Mold Remediation Company Remove Mold in Gainesville, VA

Investigating hidden mold problems can be challenging and requires caution when the investigation involves disturbing potential sites of toxic mold growth. For example, removing wallpaper can lead to an enormous release of spores if there is mold growing on the underside of the paper. If you suspect a hidden mold problem, hire a licensed, experienced, certified, mold removal professional.

For over 15 years the highly trained environmental specialists at Envirotex have delivered state-of-the-art services for your environmental health. Our highly trained, certified, and licensed professionals are the perfect people to call when you need to verify, test, or remediate a mold, lead, or asbestos problem. Check our website for helpful information. Learn from our blog, or read articles, and tips about mold and mold removal. Then contact us to schedule an appointment with Envirotex Environmental Services, the best way to remove mold in Gainesville, VA. You deserve nothing less than Envirotex.

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