Does Your Home Need Mold Remediation in Fairfax, VA?

Mold Remediation in Fairfax, VA

Why Get Certified Mold Remediation in Fairfax, VA?

Mold remediation in Fairfax, VA is required in several circumstances. To certify a property you’re buying or selling has a certification for mold remediation or one certifying the property is mold-free, to document the presence of mold for medical or legal purposes, or for insurance purposes cleaning up damage after a natural disaster. No matter the reason, Envirotex provides certified mold remediation in Fairfax, VA, in a thorough, efficient and professional manner.

Envirotex is a licensed, certified mold testing and mold remediation contractor. We offer:

  • Certified mold remediation, with mold removal and special attention to proper control of the moisture level in your indoor home environment to prevent reinfestation and regrowth.
  • Industry affiliations with the Environmental Assessment Association (EAA), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Association, and membership in the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC).

More about Mold Remediation

Mold can and will grow anywhere and on anything when moisture is present, in a warm and dark location. Mold remediation in Fairfax, VA can eliminate current mold spores, but it’s important to provide both humidity control and mold remediation in Fairfax, VA to prevent mold growth from spawning when conditions are right. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends hiring a mold contractor such as Envirotex, with professional experience and special training for mold remediation in Fairfax, VA. when cleaning areas in excess of 10 square feet. "Mold gradually destroys whatever it grows on," according to the EPA. "You can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, avoid expensive mold remediation, and treat potential health issues with adequate control of indoor air moisture and elimination of mold growth."

About Envriotex Environmental Services

Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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