Winter Mold Prevention for Your Vienna, VA Home

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Mold Prevention Tips for Homes in Vienna, VA

With the cold winds and snow of winter in Vienna, VA comes the additional possibility of mold growth throughout your home. Just as you take steps in the summer to avoid mold growth and the eventual need for mold remediation, you should take steps in the winter months as well. Use these mold prevention tips to protect your home and belongings and rest easy this winter.

  • Always ensure good air circulation in your home, especially in the bathroom, laundry room, basement, and kitchen. These areas of your Vienna, VA home are more likely than others to have added moisture in them, making them prime targets for mold growth.
  • If you have an unused dishwasher, washing machine or other appliance that connects to the water supply in your Vienna, VA home, disconnect the water or at least turn the water off. Since these items may not be in use or even used regularly, a leaky connection or broken water line can lead to additional water in your home without your knowledge.
  • Inspect your water heater and water softening systems regularly for signs of water leaks. Again, these tools in our homes are not regularly inspected and may easily be leaking water. Unless you locate the problem, the water could continue to leak and damage your Vienna, VA home.
  • When the temperature drops below freezing, make sure precautions have been taken to prevent burst water pipes. Insulating the pipes will prevent this from happening, and this simple installation of insulation can make a world of difference.
  • Always inspect your roof for leaks prior to the winter months. While it is a good idea to inspect your roof throughout the year, doing so before the winter allows you the security of knowing it is not leaking while also saving you the trip to the roof in the icy conditions of winter. Always keep safety in mind when preventing mold growth in your Vienna, VA home.

Whenever there are mild, wet winters and spring in the Vienna, VA area and suburbs, from Falls Church, VA to Vienna, VA and in between may be at increased risk of mold. If your home has become damp, it is providing a welcoming home for mold, and if you suffer from mold allergies, your mold allergy symptoms may have become worse in recent weeks.

To reduce mold in your Vienna, VA home, reduce humidity and increase light. Most molds do not thrive in bright light. When tackling your allergies, try to find out whether the mold spores are coming from outside or from inside your home. If the mold is coming from outside your home then keeping the windows shut during the most active periods of mold makes sense, however, if you have mold inside your home, then an increase in ventilation is likely to reduce it. Mold likes to be cozy and snug and thrives best in still air in dark places.

If these basic steps do not reduce your allergies inside your home or if you have seen or smelled mold in your home, you might need to call in Envirotex Environmental Services. We are mold identification and remediation experts and can help you discover the source of your mold and the solutions for getting rid of it.

For more information on preventing mold in your Vienna, VA home, or to seek mold remediation services, contact the mold specialists at Envirotex today.

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