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You have identified a problem with mold and mildew in your Washington, D.C. home, and while you work on a mold removal plan, you probably will want to work on removing it from your household surfaces. Mold and mildew are growths caused by spores in the air, which attach themselves to surfaces in your home, like walls, ceilings and perhaps in the corners of closets or cabinets. Once attached to the surface, mold spores will die if the conditions do not suit their reproductive needs, but if the area is warm and damp, conditions are perfect for growth.

Unfortunately, wiping away the mold and mildew with a damp cloth will not solve the problem; mold and mildew must be killed with disinfectant cleaner or standard household bleach.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a certified, licensed professional for mold removal in Washington, D.C.:

  • Mold is dangerous, can be toxic and unhealthy. Hiring professional mold removal experts to remove an extensive mold outbreak from your home - and take the necessary steps to prevent it in the future - is the best decision. Why expose anyone to additional dangers associated with mold spores?
  • The highly-trained, certified professionals at Envirotex have state-of-the-art equipment, technical skills, and cutting-edge techniques to successfully complete mold removal in Washington, D.C.

Common cleaning products for mold removal:

  • Homemade bleach and water cleaner: Dilute one part chlorine bleach with three parts water and mix well in a spray bottle. Spray the area and leave the bleach water on the mold and mildew found in your Washington, D.C. home for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a wet scrub brush to agitate the mold and mildew, then rinse well with clean water and allow the area to air-dry completely. Placing a fan directly in front of the area will speed up the drying time. Remember, mold and mildew thrive in a damp place so drying the area is critical to keep the mold and mildew at bay.
  • Store-bought mold and mildew removal products contain bleach as well, but save you the time of mixing your own solution. The cleaning process is the same but should be followed up with a disinfectant spray to eliminate any remaining mold spores found in your Washington, D.C. home.
  • Environmentally friendly mold and mildew products also are available which typically contain natural citrus oil, surfactants that dissolve and suspend soils to prevent streaking and hydrogen peroxide that oxidizes the mold and mildew and safely bleaches away any stain.

Simply bleaching or cleaning mold and mildew from surfaces in your home will not solve the problem but will only remove the evidence. Mold remediation and mold removal specialists work with you to fix the mold and mildew problem at the source rather than just covering it up. Contact the professionals at Envirotex Environmental Services for state-of-the-art mold inspections, mold identification, mold removal and mold remediation plans. Serving all of Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia, Envirotex Environmental Services can help you solve your mold and mildew problem.

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