Stopping Mold Growth in Upperville, VA Homes

Mold Growth in Upperville, VA

Are you worried about the possibility of mold growth in your Upperville, VA home? If you’re not, you probably should be. This part of the country gets plenty of rain, and with lots of moisture in the air outside, the odds are good that you’ve got plenty of nooks and crannies in your house that are dark and damp, the two things mold colonies like best.

Unfortunately, mold growth in Upperville, VA homes doesn’t generally start out in the open where anyone can see it. Those damp, dark places are usually in seldom-visited parts of your house, including places like:

  • Your basement (especially in the corners)
  • The crawl space under your house, if you have one
  • And your heating and air conditioning ductwork

Since you seldom venture into those areas, you probably won’t notice the mold growth in your Upperville, VA home right away, and by the time the colony has spread to areas you can plainly see, it’s well established, which can make it notoriously difficult to get rid of.

The first step in stopping mold growth in your Upperville, VA home is an inspection, and we can help with that. Our technicians are highly trained in dealing with a variety of hazardous materials, including most species of mold.

Note that not every mold species is dangerous to your health. Some are relatively benign, but some are highly dangerous, and can even be fatal. To make matters worse, if you or any member of your family has an upper respiratory condition like asthma or COPD, even the benign mold species can trigger attacks, which puts the people in your family with those kinds of conditions very much at risk.

Not to worry. We’ll do a thorough top-to-bottom inspection of your home and report our findings back to you. If mold growth is found in your Upperville, VA home, we’ll write up a remediation plan which will include a free, no-obligation quote so you’ll have a firm understanding of exactly what it will take to get rid of the problem once and for all.

The particulars vary from one home to the next and one mold colony to the next, but in general, here’s what our process looks like:

  • Isolation – We cordon off the area where the mold spores are found so that when we set about the task of removing them, spores don’t spread to other areas of your home.
  • Elimination – We get rid of the colony once and for all, removing any materials that may have become contaminated by their spread.
  • Removal – Once the colony has been eliminated, we’ll remove any materials that have become contaminated, sending them to a properly licensed facility capable of handling the material.

This, however, isn’t the end of the process. The steps outlined above solve the immediate problem, but if we were to stop there, then the odds are excellent that a new mold colony will take root not long after we leave because the conditions in your home are still conducive to mold growth.

To change that, we’ll work with you to properly size and install a whole-home dehumidifier which will extract the excess moisture from the air inside your home. Again, mold spores love damp, dark environments, and by taking away the dampness, it’s virtually impossible for a new colony to take root.

That done, there’s one additional step you may want to take. It’s not an outright requirement, but it is incredibly useful.

At your request, we can conduct an IAQ test on the air inside your home. IAQ stands for “Indoor Air Quality.” You’d be amazed at the number of pollutants you’ve got floating around in the air inside your home. These can be anything from:

  • Mold Spores
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • And more

Armed with the report showing what kinds of pollutants you have in the air inside your home and in what quantities they exist, you may want to consider the addition of a whole-home air purification system.

These are machines designed to filter the air of your home, trapping pollutants in HEPA filters and giving you fresh, clean air to breathe. It’s especially important if a member of your family has an upper respiratory condition, as filtering the air they breathe will make them much less likely to suffer attacks. Even if nobody in your family has a condition like that though, who wants to breathe in pollen and pet dander all day?

However you wish to proceed, and whatever your particular needs are, we’ve got you covered. Your family’s health is too important to take chances with, and if you even suspect the presence of some hazardous material besides mold in your home (lead paint, asbestos in any form, unknown chemicals you may have found in an outbuilding not long after you purchased your home, etc.), don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re the region’s top-rated environmental remediation company, and we have a long history of dealing with a wide range of issues.

Most people aren’t aware of just how many dangers are lurking in their homes and around their property, but it’s nice to know that help is always just a phone call away.

Since the day we first opened our doors, we’ve built our reputation by exceeding the expectations of all our clients, whether they’re residential, commercial, or governmental, and we’d love to add you to our growing family.

Call us today and experience the Envirotex difference for yourself. You’ll be very glad you did!

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