How to Conduct Day-to-Day Mold Detection For Your Home in Reston, VA

Mold Detection in Reston, VA

Symptoms to Determine if You Should Have Thermal Imaging For Mold Detection in Your Reston, VA Home

Being a homeowner is tough. You have bills that need to be paid on time, property maintenance both inside and outside needs to be done and you still haven’t had time to do the vacuuming this month. While it would be great to have thermal imaging from Envirotex for mold detection in Reston, VA, by being aware of mold symptoms, we can increase our own awareness to detect potential issues before they become issues.

Are You Feeling Okay?

Mold can have effects on your health and while it takes long periods spent in a moldy home to suffer these effects, symptoms can occur in the short term. If you notice yourself feeling okay outside and then when you come inside you start sneezing, get sore eyes and feeling nasal congestion there could well be mold in your home.

Is There A Mold Odor?

When mold is hidden from plain view, the only chance you can detect it is often via smell. Once you have ruled out the smell to be your damp washing, get down and dirty and source out the origins of the smell and treat as required to protect your home in Reston, VA. Mold detection by thermal imaging will hopefully not be required, but in the worst-case scenario it will definitely find the source. Be aware of your nose, if you think it smells like mold, play it safe and find the source.

Is It Actually Dirt Or Is It Mold?

If you have kids in your home it is definitely easy to overlook a patch of mold by assuming it is dirt to clean up at a later date. Like when you walk down the road and don’t notice a new park feature for a few months, the same thing goes inside of your home. Be aware of changes in your home, there may be a darkened patch on the wall that starts spreading. While it is easy to overlook this, by being slightly more aware of your surroundings, you will be able to spot mold rather than assuming everything is dirt.

Despite how busy we may think we are, there is still plenty of time we spend not being aware of others, your surroundings and ourselves. By being aware of mold symptoms, you can avoid bringing into your Reston, VA home thermal imaging for mold detection.

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