Consequences of Mold Detection in Your Manassas, VA Home

Mold Detection in Manassas, VA

Mold Detection and How it Can Destroy Your Manassas, VA Home

Mold, a small fungus is found everywhere in our lives thanks to their spores which act as seeds floating through the air harmlessly waiting for the right conditions to set up a new home, which could be your home in Manassas, VA. Mold detection using thermal imaging is hopefully never required, but not detecting mold has consequences.

Mold Is Deadly

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states all types of mold have the potential to harm your health and some can kill. If you’re in your own home and start experiencing coughing, itchy eyes and sneezing mold could be affecting you. Longer term you may start to feel muscle and joint pain, a shortness of breath, headaches, anxiety, asthma and memory loss. It’s important to note mold affects everyone differently.

Mold Can Destroy Your Home

If you have mold in your home and leave it untreated, it may continue to spread throughout your home. The most common materials for mold to grow in homes are on wood and carpet.

Treating Moldy Wood

Once mold has been cleaned from wood, you can usually continue life as you were. Getting a cloth and mold killing detergent to scrub it clean is all that is required. It won’t regrow as long as moisture is kept away from the area. There will be a stain left behind but this does not mean mold will regrow; it is simply a cosmetic defect. Only if the wood has been growing mold over a long period of time do you need to consider replacing it.

Treating Moldy Carpet

Carpet is the toughest to treat, as you usually cannot see the mold with the naked eye. If the carpet has gotten wet, you may think it has dried but the bottom of it likely has not. With wall-to-wall carpet, you have no choice but have the carpet replaced. If it is partially wet, you can usually get away with cutting out the affected area. You can also take carpet outside and give it a thorough hose down before treating the carpet with a mold-killing product and putting it back once dry.

Harmless in small doses, mold can be devastating long term.If you believe mold is affecting you and you are struggling with mold detection, thermal imaging experts from Envirotex near Manassas, VA are just a phone call away.

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