WWhat Are the Benefits of Thermal Imaging Mold Detection For Your Leesburg, VA Home?

Mold Detection in Leesburg, VA

Thermal Imaging Mold Detection Can Locate Water Leaks, and Missing or Deteriorated Insulation in Your Leesburg, VA Home

Mold is the bane of our existence, whether it’s a moldy apple, moldy smelling clothes or the worst, a moldy house. We despise mold. By using thermal imaging, mold detection in your Leesburg, VA home can be caught before it starts spreading. Thermal imaging is also great at detecting other areas of concern at the same time. We will look into what else thermal imaging can do aside from mold detection below.

Water Leaks

Water leaks is often how mold gets it start, thermal imaging is able to detect water leaks before they are visible to the naked eye. Inside the walls of your home, water may be coming inside while it is raining or you may have a small plumbing break that worsens over time with the bathroom floor collapsing onto the lower level. Thermal imaging aids mold detection in Leesburg, VA homes this way by allowing you to trace the water to its original source for urgent repairs to be made.

Missing Insulation In Walls

When winter comes, your insulation either works great or it doesn’t. Thermal imaging on walls is quickly able to detect where insulation has been missed in walls (it may have deteriorated). If you can fill in insulation gaps, you will certainly save money on bills over the winter and not all have to huddle around the fire.

Doorways And Windows

As with insulation in walls, any draft coming through doorways and windows is usually noticeable but if you dig further with thermal imaging you may come to realize just how much heat loss is occurring and take action as required. No more popping a towel in the gap between the door and the floor.

Mold Detection

Mold requires water to grow. Thermal imaging, mold detection from Envirotex can detect moist area where mold spores quickly find their new home to start growing and then inevitably, releasing more seeds to create more mold in your life.

Mold detection via thermal imaging in Leesburg, VA may seem overly dramatic but the equipment used can detect so many things the naked eye cannot, it may be worth looking into if you are concerned about mold in your home.

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