What Are The Various Methods Of Mold Detection Near Burke, VA?

Mold Detection in Burke, VA

Use Your Senses or a Home Mold Dectection Kit for Your Burke, VA Home

Mold can affect us in various ways. Inhaling mold spores affects our health and, of course, when mold starts to spread around your home, the value will diminish as cleanup costs skyrocket. Mold requires water to live, and therefore there are various methods of mold detection available to you. Thermal imaging in Burke, VA is a high tech solution but using your instincts may be the best place to start.

Use Your Senses

We humans are built with a great set of senses and given that mold needs moisture to grow we can use our feel, sight and smell to detect mold. With feel, you are simply trying to feel for moisture. Sight, when you look at your walls, you may notice different shades of color from either afar or close up. Have you ever smelt clothes you left in the washing machine for a couple days? This is what mold will start to smell like over time.

Hidden Areas Of The Home

If the insulation is not the best, moisture can start forming in dark enclosed spaces where airflow is minimal. Check behind large pieces of furniture to ensure you are not creating cozy spots for mold to thrive. It is also a good idea to air out these areas on a consistent basis.

Try A Home Detection Kit

There are plenty of home mold detection kits available on the market with easy instructions to follow. The repair kits are generally as simple as taking a sample, popping it in a petri dish and sending it off to a lab for testing. If you have kids, you may be able to make biology fun for them.

Thermal Imaging

Mold detection via thermal imaging from Envirotex for your Burke, VA home should be your go to action when you suspect mold but can not see it. It is very thorough, and can find hidden sources of potential mold growth areas which can save money and headache in the long term.

Mold detection with thermal imaging is by far one of the least intrusive way to inspect for mold behind your walls. Call on the experts at Envirotex for qualified mold detection and remediation services in Burke, VA and throughout the greater Northern Virginia area.

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