How Do You Know Asbestos May Be in Your Leesburg, VA Home Environment?

Asbestos Testing in Burke, VA

All over the world, there are millions of buildings, pipes, homes, offices, cargo ships, and quaint local shops which secret asbestos. How do you know asbestos may be in your Leesburg, VA home environment?

When found, asbestos is best left alone. If the asbestos has deteriorated, it's time to contact a qualified asbestos testing company. Asbestos is a material that is federally regulated and professional removal using engineering controls is strongly recommended.

Envirotex is a licensed asbestos testing and removal contractor. We offer:

  • All asbestos testing performed by an independent, certified lab to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • A technically advanced staff of environmental professionals with building science, construction and environmental inspection fields of speciality.
  • Environmental services for indoor air quality and asbestos testing in Leesburg, VA.

A natural mineral fiber used in hundreds of construction and insulation materials, asbestos is commonly a grayish white, less often a blue or brown. Most Leesburg, VA buildings that harbor asbestos were built in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. At that time asbestos was popular for its insulating and fire resistant properties. It is found in and around HVAC ductwork, which is most troubling as it can spread via airborne ventilation throughout the building. Once it becomes friable, you need safe, swift, certified asbestos removal. Other areas and items that may be hiding asbestos include:

  • furnaces
  • pipes
  • wiring
  • crawlspaces
  • basements
  • attics
  • walls
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • roofing
  • siding

Today we know the dangers asbestos can have if found in your Leesburg, VA house. Asbestos has been shown in scientific studies to cause cancer and scarring of the lung. Often asbestos-related conditions result from repeated occupational exposure. Proper asbestos testing and safe removal of asbestos (that shows signs of friability leading to airborne particles) is difficult and requires certified, licensed asbestos removal professionals.

The Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to find an asbestos company certified in asbestos testing and asbestos removal, specifically how to safely remove asbestos from contaminated structures. For example, the contaminated space will be sealed with plastic sheets while work is being done. And it is essential to turn off the HVAC system to prevent movement of contaminated air. The area remains secure from any entry except certified asbestos professionals until the project is complete.

Angie's List recommends you "hire contractors who are licensed and/or certified to handle household toxins and can prove their qualifications for your specific need" in the Leesburg, VA area. Why would you call a professional asbestos removal company? Because your health and your safety depend on it. Discuss the dangers posed by toxic asbestos. Get a containment plan. Get two or three estimates and a written guarantee for the final scope of work. Make sure to check references, Virginia licenses, and certifications.

If you know asbestos may be in your environment, do your homework, and have your home inspected by a licensed asbestos testing company to locate and remove the asbestos risk from your Leesburg, VA home.

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Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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