The 2 Main Questions Asked About Lead Paint Testing By Woodbridge, VA Residents

Lead Paint Testing in Woodbridge, VA

Almost every year, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) steps up their regulations regarding the residential and commercial use of lead-based products in Woodbridge, VA, and other areas in the U.S. The main regulation is one that affects homes older than 1978, that must undergo screening for lead-based paint and particles. Because of updated and altered regulations, many homeowners are asking questions regarding lead paint testing and how it affects them:

Why Is Lead Paint Dangerous?

Lead paint is considered dangerous because of the health hazards it poses. Many young children have been severely affected by the toxic nature of lead-based products, mainly caused by consuming lead-based paint. In pregnant women, it can damage the development of their growing fetus, leading to premature and stillborn babies. Debris mixed with lead particles can float into the air causing people to inhale and ingest it leading to brain damage and nerve damage in children and adults alike. This is why the concern over lead is so great and must be taken very seriously.

How Do I Know If My Home Is Polluted With Lead?

Many older homes built before 1978 contain lead-based paint and other products. Even though this type of paint has been outlawed, it is still possible that older homes contain traces of the original paint. If you are moving into or are renovating a home built before 1978, you will be required to hire a professional lead paint testing company to inspect for lead pollution. If your home is newer than this year, it is not necessary to receive an inspection because it is more than likely that your home does not contain any lead. However, if you are welcoming a new baby into your family, you may wish to hire an inspection just to be sure.

Here is a list of percentages determining the potential level of lead contained in your Woodbridge, VA, home based on the year it was built:

  • 1920’s-1940’s : 80 percent chance of lead in your home.
  • 1950’s-1960 : 60 percent risk.
  • 1960-1969 : 25 percent chance.
  • 1970-1978 : 10 percent chance of lead.

If you are buying or renovating a new home, be sure to do your research and determine the year it was built to see if you will need lead paint testing done in Woodbridge, VA.

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