Lead Paint Regulations: Facts On Lead Paint Testing In Reston, VA

Lead Paint Testing in Reston, VA

In 1978, the United States government teamed up with the Environmental Protection Agency to ban the use of lead-based paint in all construction. Health officials realized that lead paint can be extremely dangerous to the health of children causing severe mental and physical disabilities. There have been regulations made regarding the use of lead-based material on all types of hold house items; and a professional lead paint testing company in Reston, VA can help to answer all of your questions.

Here are some of the basic regulations and facts regarding lead-based paint in the U.S.:

1978 Home Law Protects Families From Exposure.

If you are buying or renovating a home that was built before the year 1978, you will be required to get your home tested for lead contamination by a lead paint testing company. A lead inspection is used to determine whether or not your home contains any traces of lead, and if so, certain measures will be required in order to safely remove it and prevent any further contamination. This law especially protects children living under the roof of an older house, since lead poisoning has a more drastic effect on their health.

Other Household Items May Contain Unregulated Lead.

Even though certain laws have been put into place to prevent the pollution of lead, which causes severe health issues, there are still other regular household items that contain traces of lead. These include: Extension cords, ceramic dishes and tile, vinyl blinds, rugs and area carpets, lunch boxes, circuit boards and other electronics, plumbing solder, Christmas decorations, jewelry, ceramic toothbrush holders, and garden hoses.

Until there is more regulation on the use of lead in all products, be sure to do your research and read all labels. Even the use of a lunch box containing small traces of lead, can seep into your children’s food, and cause lead poisoning. Educate yourself on the brands you are purchasing to find out whether they manufacture products using lead. Go further, and have your home inspected for lead by a professional lead paint testing company.

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