Precautions Used Before Lead Paint Testing In Manassas, VA

Lead Paint Testing in Manassas, VA

Certain precautions need to take place before a lead paint testing can be performed by a professional in Manassas, VA. Lead is a toxic substance that can cause illness and even death, which is why it is crucial to treat this testing with the highest concern for safety. A lead paint inspection is first used to determine whether or not there is an issue in the home, and then a risk assessment is used to determine the level of potential risk associated with the results.

Be sure to adhere to these two main precautions before beginning a lead paint testing operation in your Manassas, VA home:

Remove All Furniture And Accessories.

Before starting a lead paint testing in your home, be sure to have all furnishings, furniture, and other home accessories removed. This will prevent any lead, that becomes disrupted during the testing, from falling onto and absorbing into the furniture, causing a recurring pollution of lead in your home. Everything from couches, chairs, beds, curtains, rugs, tables, and other accessories should be moved outside the home during the inspection. However, if it is not possible to remove all furniture, be sure to wrap it to protect from any fallen debris. Another good tip is to completely cover up the flooring in your home and seal it with tape. Also, young children and pets should not be present during an inspection.

Use Non-Toxic Products To Remove Lead Paint.

The use of chemical strippers is a non-toxic and non-fuming method to removing the lead-based paint in your home. Chemical strippers are brushed onto the walls, and left to cure and settle into the paint. Once dry, the lead paint will begin to soften, making it easy for the chemical stripper to remove the paint, with the help of a chisel or brush. In order to remove the spots of paint left over after the stripping, use an alkaline-based stripper to remove the remaining layers. Once all paint is removed, wash the walls and tools used with water and soap. The lead paint will be effectively removed, and the house will be safe to live in.

Be aware of these main precautions before inviting a lead paint testing company into your Manassas, VA, home, in order to remove lead safely, effectively, and permanently.

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