The Dangers Of Lead Paint: Reasons To Get Lead Paint Testing In Fairfax, VA

Lead Paint Testing in Fairfax VA

Lead-based paint is the leading cause of lead poisoning in children, and is still a deadly concern for adults as well. Many people aren’t aware of the dangerous health effects of lead-based paint, which include mental and physical retardation, and a decreased attention span. Lead paint causes many cases of permanent brain damage each year, making it so crucial for your home to get tested.

Here are some facts regarding lead paint poisoning and how you can get tested in Fairfax, VA:


Homeowners and contractors involved in a home renovation can disrupt the paint and other materials of a home causing lead-based particles to erupt into the air that have been dormant. Sanding, scraping, or heating lead-based paint are some of the main reasons why lead gets into the air we breathe. As these particles are disrupted, they can be ingested and inhaled, causing potential serious health conditions. Children typically become affected after ingesting paint chips. Other sources of pollution come from walking on paint chips, and opening and closing a window that is painted with lead-based paint.

Health Effects.

Children can be severely affected by lead paint, and adults can be affected as well. Women that are pregnant can suffer from retarded fetal development, which can lead to premature and stillborn babies. Men and women alike can suffer from decreased muscle coordination and nerve damage as well.

Lead Paint Testing Options.

There are three main types of methods used for testing homes for lead; these include a lead paint inspection, lead paint risk assessment, and lead hazard screening. If you are unsure of whether or not your home includes lead paint, you would want to start with the lead inspection. If you already know your home has lead paint, or are living with a young child that is most affected by lead, you may want to skip the inspection, and go right to the risk assessment. The lead hazard screening is a general testing for homes with a low risk of contamination.

If you live in an older home, you want to be sure to hire a lead paint testing company in Fairfax, VA to perform a thorough assessment on your home for traces of dangerous lead.

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