3 Types Of Lead Paint Testing Methods In Burke, VA

Lead Paint Testing in Burke VA

Your new baby or young children are at the highest risk for lead paint poisoning in Burke,VA. A lead paint testing company can detect if your home contains any of this toxic substance, determining where it is located and how it can be removed. There are 3 different methods a professional company can use to pinpoint the source of lead paint, and remediate the problem:

Lead Paint Inspection.

Many older homes were painted using lead-based paint, and this method is used in most older homes to tell you whether there is a problem of lead paint or not. This thorough inspection covers every painted area of your home, both inside and outside. It tests for levels of lead paint, and targets every section of painted surface in question. A report is then given to the homeowner that can tell you whether or not you have an issue to be worried about.

Lead Paint Risk Assessment.

This type of lead-based paint test will provide a detailed account of the lead paint that was discovered through the lead paint inspection done prior. It will determine the type of paint affected, the potential risk of this paint, the location of this paint, and the proportion of lead in the paint. This method utilizes the studies of different surfaces, soil, dust, and water around and inside your home.

Lead Paint Hazard Screen.

This method of lead paint testing in Northern Virginia is designed to detect lead-based paint in areas that appear to be damaged. This assessment can also test a single particle of dust in your home to detect the presence of lead.

If you already know that there is a presence of lead in your home, you can forgo the lead paint inspection, and go right to the risk assessment. The most important aspect of lead paint testing is to determine the amount of lead in your home and the potential risks associated with it. You may also wish to skip right to the risk assessment if you have young children in your home that are the most susceptible to lead paint poisoning.

A professional lead paint testing company in Burke, VA, is the most reliable way you can determine whether your home has traces of lead, along with the risks involved.

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