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Is Mold a Problem in Your Home?

Controlling moisture in your Reston Virginia home is the most critical factor to prevent house mold growth. When house mold occurs, it is usually when water or dampness are present and a food source such as wood, drywall, insulation, furniture, carpet, paper, foods, etc. exists in damp environments. When these conditions are present in a Reston Virginia property, it creates the potential for house mold to thrive, ruin an infected area, object or HVAC system, create a musty smell and become a potential health concern. House mold can create health concerns if is it visible or undetected in a Reston Virginia properties structural components and HVAC systems.

Envirotex of Northern Virginia provides testing, inspection and remediation protocol to help determine if a house mold problem exists, what has caused it to occur, how serious is it, and how to remediate it quickly and properly. Dealing with and removing house mold growth from Reston Virginia homes and buildings, is the forte of Envirotex, a reputable house mold contractor.

The process for dealing with house mold issues in Reston Virginia is extensive and involves an onsite inspection which can include moisture probing and humidity readings to determine the level and origin of moisture damage present. Air and surface sampling for mold will determine the type and concentration of house mold present. House Mold contamination, often found in water-damaged buildings, is a serious health risk and should be removed immediately. If a Reston Virginia home or building has had water damage, a microbial investigation is warranted. This investigation should be performed by a company with microbiology or toxicology experience. Envirotex pros are Microbiologists and Certified Microbial Investigators.

When a Reston Virginia home shows signs of water damage or house mold growth, pros at Envirotex offer:

  • Proper containment and removal
  • Thorough site decontamination
  • Certified lab testing of house mold

Once house mold contamination has been eliminated, Environtex offers protocol to help insure Reston VA homeowners maintain house mold free environments.

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Call Envirotex Environmental Services before you hire a remodeling or home improvement contractor. We can safely inspect and test for asbestos in your home using independent lab results, and perform all tasks necessary for complete asbestos removal in Reston, VA, leaving your Reston home healthy and asbestos-free.

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