Why is House Mold Growing In My House In Northern, VA

Mold Inspection in Burke, VA

House mold in Northern Virginia is something most resident’s battle year in year out. With rainfall frequent throughout the year, it is the heavier rainfall during the summer months that mold really thrives in.

How Does Mold Start Growing?

Mold originates as tiny spores, smaller than anything we can see with the naked eye. When these spores land on surfaces mold is formed. Northern Virginia House mold is alive, therefore needs nutrients to grow. The best nutrients for mold are water and warmth. This is why kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and any dark, warm spaces are prone to mold. Spores plus nutrients equals rapid growth of mold.

How Come My House Is So Moldy?

‘I want to be house mold in Northern Virginia, sounds like a good life to me’.

No, this is not how mold decides where to grow or not. If your house is prone to growing mold it is simply because there is heat and moisture in the air or everything is damp. You can prevent mold from being formed with proper ventilation, ensuring your house is not damp and there are no leaks anywhere.,

The Mold Has Already Set In

When you first spot mold forming on a surface, you need to remove it thoroughly right away. If you don’t, which is often when in hidden spaces or in carpet, you risk further damage to the household and your health. With carpet in particular, if the mold has set in, you are best to remove the carpet and attempt to clean the mold. If it is not possible to get it out, long term you are better with new carpet. On hard surfaces, thoroughly clean the surface and make a judgment call on whether you will be able to prevent mold in the area going forward.

Being able to foster mold is great, if you want mold. Unfortunately house mold in Northern VA is not going to increase the value of your home. The principles of mold growth are really simple and with this understanding you now know the best way to prevent mold in your home.

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