Best Practices for House Mold Removal in Fairfax, VA

House Mold in Fairfax, VA

The best way to prevent or eliminate house mold is to put control measures in place in your Fairfax VA home to closely monitor your indoor environment. These include reducing sources of moisture, lowering the relative humidity, and removing materials which allow these mold and mildew organisms to take hold and flourish.

Envirotex of Northern Virginia provides certified testing, inspection and remediation protocol and the experts to determine if a house mold problem exists, what has caused it to occur, and how to remediate it properly.

The company’s environmental experts are Microbiologists and Certified Microbial Investigators who provide onsite inspection in Fairfax Virginia, including humidity readings to determine the level and origin of moisture damage present. Environtex professionals do air and surface sampling for mold to determine the type and concentration of house mold present. The resultant report with findings, conclusions and remediation guidelines maps the future for house mold removal and restoration of the Fairfax Virginia home or business.

Mold contamination in Fairfax Virginia is a serious health risk and should be removed immediately. If a home or building has had water damage, a microbial investigation is warranted and should be performed by a company such as Envirotex with microbiology or toxicology experience.

Doing it right with a proven professional mold remediation company like Envirotex makes the best sense for Fairfax Virginia homes.

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