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Mold Inspection in Burke, VA

House Mold in Burke Virginia

Just like any place in the USA, mold can grow in homes and business in Burke Virginia. House mold can be found in many area homes when there is a food source such as wood, drywall, insulation, furniture, carpet, paper, foods, etc. combined with water or dampness. In fact, mold can thrive in Burke Virginia homes, and can ruin infected areas and/or HVAC systems, create musty odors and health concerns.

Burke Virginia home and business owners have Virginia’s most qualified mold resource identification and treatment professionals located nearby at Envirotex, based in Northern Virginia. When an Envirotex onsite inspection of a Burke VA home determines the level and origin of moisture damage, a mold conclusion and remediation plan will be determined, then proven protocol guides and a qualified technicians will restore the home or building to its original state.

If water damage has developed over a period of time, an analytical survey will be taken to determine the most effective remedial method, based on fungus type and location, as well as the extent of damages and exposure.

First, a visual examination of the building and HVAC system is conducted. Next, surface and air samples are taken and analyzed by an independent microbial laboratory. Then, Envirotex technicians develop a mold remediation plan for the Burke Virginia site, stating the method, scope, time, and controls to be used. House mold happens throughout the USA and in Burke Virginia, wise home and property owners know who to call and what to do.

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