Preventing Mold Before Home Mold Testing Is Needed In Reston, VA

Mold Inspection in Burke, VA

Growing up in a healthy household is a must if you want to live a full healthy life. House mold testing for Reston, VA residents is not uncommon. But did you know there are techniques you can take action on before the mold enters your home? Make the four actions below into daily habits to prevent Virginia mold invading your life.

Control Humidity Levers

You can buy humidity gauges from your local hardware store. Humidity measures the amount of water vapor is in the air, the higher the humidity the more mold thrives. Aim to keep humidity levels to a maximum of 50% all day. Humidity naturally fluctuates in throughout the day based on moisture and temperature of the air. At minimum, check humidity daily by placing your gauge in a highly trafficked spot.

Ensure You Have Plenty of Ventilation in the House

Ventilation throughout the home is a must but you need to ensure you use it. Ventilation is best implemented in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry where you are using water and heat. When you using exhaust fans ensure they vent outside the home.

Fix Leaks In Your Home

Leaks may start small, but it does not take long for them to become large. If you find yourself needing to use a bucket while it’s raining, take action to fix the leak right away. Mold is going to start forming around the leaking spot fast potentially causing extensive damage. Leaks can be hidden also, if you suspect you may have a leak in the home do not wait like many to do home mold testing in Reston, VA and surrounding suburbs.

Flooding Follow Ups

Flooding always leaves a mess and is never fun to clean up. You must do a good job of cleaning up. There is a reason, kitchens and bathrooms traditionally do not have carpet – they are wet areas a.k.a. prime mold growing conditions. If your house is flooded and carpets are wet in any room, remove the carpet and get it dry as soon as possible.

The points covered above are tasks you likely take action on already. The key is to keep them in mind all year round. Mold doesn’t need a second chance. Prevention is always a better method than home mold testing in Reston, VA.

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